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Has anyone had problems with Debenhams customer service?

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Shonajay Fri 24-Jul-15 08:22:07

I buy quite look make up from there as they're usually very good, and helpful too. A couple of,weeks ago after trying about five different translucent powders, I'd basically decided on the loose MUFE one. I was having a look at the Debenhams sale, never for it came up, saying you got a smaller more compact size one to try out if you bought the bigger one, the idea being if you didn't like it you could use the small one and return the large one. I had a posh family wedding to go to, so bought it (the combined cost being £22) and then added on an urban decay eyeshadow primer to make up the difference for posting. Anyway, few days later they arrived (4 days before the wedding) and the small compact one wasn't there. I was annoyed, as I had a small bag for the wedding, just enough to room for a lipstick, keys, a few bits of cash in notes. I emailed them, and got what I thought was a bit of a snotty reply "oh you should have seen at checkout it wasn't there and known we had run out". Put it down to experience and did my make up with the big compact, as I've heard such good things about it. Anyway, was delighted with it, which made me even more cross I didn't get the small one as well so I emailed them again, asking if they were likely to get any more in, and basically saying the only reason I'd bought from them is because of that deal, and I'd added on the eyeshadow primer (which I don't like, to et to £30 delivery). Got another email back, saying that IF it were just the ONCE, then I could open the big one and TRY it, but due to health and safety reasons I'd have to keep and pay for it if I did?! Not helpful I felt, so emailed again, got a guy this time, and he offered basically the same thing. So, I said, basically I've paid for two items, got one, then can't use it in case I don't like it when you,were selling this on the basis of this exact scenario. Yes. Plus, you're acting like you're doing me a favour when you say I can use the big powder, yes basically. And I'm getting less product than advertised. - he emailed me back last night and said they'd offer me £5.00 off the total cost if I kept it, so I've said since they've failed to omelette the order I think they should meet me in the middle and make it £7.50 lol, it's not the money as much as the principal- I only bought the loose version as it came with the mini compact, and I'm pissed off that the urban decay stuff is orangey rubbish.

Sorry. It's highly likely I'm being hormonal, but I buy a lot of stuff from them (ok it's usually reduced) and I'm menopausal. Their attitude has really annoyed me. Is it me or them?!

Olinguito Fri 24-Jul-15 23:57:26

I had a problem returning some trousers I'd bought in store at Debenhams. The assistant accused me of having taken the label off, and then sewing it back on in the wrong place! She was really insistent, and treated me like a complete liar. She went off to check the other trousers on the rack, saw that they were all the same and that I had done no such thing, and then dourly processed my refund without even apologising for the accusation.

I sent a complaint to Debenhams customer service. I received a reply saying my complaint would be sent to the women's wear manager of the store. After hearing nothing for another 3 weeks I contacted them again. The women's wear manager then rang me to apologise, but her main concern was to find out which member of staff it had been. I would have thought a voucher would be forthcoming to make up for the insult and embarrassment, but this phone call was all I received.

I've been totally put off buying clothes there again.

Lion12 Sat 25-Jul-15 20:01:55

The customer service in our debenhams is awful. The beauty counter staff just stand around talking instead of helping and the women's wear till staff and plain rude. The speak in really curt sentences and with the most abrupt tone. I avoid them now.

Hobbes8 Sat 25-Jul-15 20:10:28

I ordered a table and four chairs on their website. They sent the chairs to my house and, inexplicably, the table to my old flat. This was apparently my fault. Even when I noticed the delivery address was wrong in one of their emails they said it couldn't be changed and I would have to wait until the delivery was refused until I could get a refund.
"But what if whoever lives there now nicks my table?"
No response.
They then claimed they'd left the table at the front door of the old flat, which was above a shop, so the door was right on a busy high street, no porch or anywhere remotely secure to leave it. Idiots.

Getuhda348 Sat 25-Jul-15 21:01:54

Also had bad experience. Ordered 2 large glass jars to be collected into store. Got a phonecall saying to collect them. So I did to be told they arrived smashed. So I asked why did they not tell be that when they rang, I obviously didn't want them smashed! They seemed to not understand my point. I wasn't bothered they had been smashed as I was refunded but was annoyed I had travelled to another town for items I obviously wouldn't be taking home with me.

achieve6 Sun 26-Jul-15 11:24:54

with regard to your particular issue, they made no effort to help you but I can see they can't take a product back used. But yes, they made no effort to help.

I've been put off Debenhams after I bought some shoes which fell apart after 3 wears, just outside of the 28 day return. They wrote to me initially telling me they weren't Debenhams own brand, then grudgingly said I could post them back at my own cost and they would "examine" them. Only when I called them out on Twitter did they just agree to take them back. I had had them for about 3 days past the deadline when the sole was coming away! It was very poor and has really put me off buying from them again.

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