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Converse with a summer dress...

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WickedWileyWaitress Thu 23-Jul-15 19:34:27

....on a woman of 32.

What do you think?

stevienickstophat Thu 23-Jul-15 19:35:02

Yep. I do it and I'm 41.

littlesupersparks Thu 23-Jul-15 19:36:05

I do it all the time! I have to wear orthotics in my shoes so summer shoes are tricky. I have star laces in my converse too :-D

Delilahfandango Thu 23-Jul-15 19:36:22

Totally fine. I would!

WickedWileyWaitress Thu 23-Jul-15 19:36:45

Awesome. I'm pretty comfortable in it, just wondered what the mumsnet jury thought!

BikeRunSki Thu 23-Jul-15 19:38:24

Totally. I'm 44. Have been dressing like this for decades, probably since before Lilly Allen was born.

Blu Thu 23-Jul-15 19:39:00

I like the look.

BugPlaster Thu 23-Jul-15 19:40:12

I've started doing this. Good news.

googietheegg Thu 23-Jul-15 19:49:03

Is this lace up converse and knee length dresses? What about the whole sock/sweaty feet issue?!


I would do it, if I actually had any summer dresses, and I am much older (13 years) than 32!

I use those little footsie thingies, to avoid sweaty feet.

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