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Help me find the perfect dress for the perfect date please!

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MonkeyOnTheCar Wed 22-Jul-15 19:22:49

Am going on holiday with DP and we are having the ultimate romantic night, posh meal out, walk along the beach and back the apartment for some serious fun.

I want to feel fantastic! Am size 12, good bust (when in a bra!), not keen on top of my arms but will be in a warm country so no cardis, would rather have some sort of sleeve (but not long). I prefer a Vneck as high necklines do not suit me at all.

Budget around £100 for the dress.

Any help appreciated!

daftbesom Wed 22-Jul-15 21:41:38

What colours do you like? How much cleavage? Do you want girly floral or sharp and sexy? I take it if you are walking along a beach you are not after the pencil skirt/ stilettos type look...?

daftbesom Wed 22-Jul-15 22:23:32

Had a quick look - forgot to ask you about fabric - there is a lot of nylon and polyester out there but that may be OK with you. Really difficult to advise without knowing more about your personal likes and dislikes - and how much space do you have in your luggage for something you may only wear once while you are away?

I have been in love with this ChiChi London dress for a while now but it's not really holiday style.

this is pretty

But they say more about my personal likes/ dislikes - they might not be "you" at all! And they are both man-made fabrics.

I know from personal experience, wanting sleeves cuts down choice quite a bit - though with the sales it's a good time to buy. Have a look at Phase Eight, John Lewis, ASOS ...

Anyway if you can say something about the kinds of things you like maybe that will help produce more suggestions.

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