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Running and looks and time and trying high intensity training because I've not got the time to do 1hour plus runs every day (with two young DDs and full time job)

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ShakespearesSister01 Wed 22-Jul-15 14:45:34

A sort of S&B question. I've got a gym membership and before I went back to work full time I used to do a combo of spinning weights, some yoga etc. Since going back to work longer hours I've fitted in running instead as I can't make the gym so much. My thing is though, my training before was only for short bursts and I think it suited me. My running - I think - is making me look more tired. Has anyone else found this. I'm wondering if running long distances (I am supposed to be doing a half marathon in the autumn) isn't that good for me, 10 miles plus. I used to think my exercise regime made me look younger. Hmmm

goodnessgraciousgouda Wed 22-Jul-15 17:56:32

You may want to post this in the fitness section?

AmberNectarine Wed 22-Jul-15 18:04:30

I am HM training also and haven't noticed an ageing effect (I am 30). If anything I look younger as the tan I've acquired means I don't need to bother with make up really.

dexter73 Wed 22-Jul-15 18:08:31

It's a known 'thing'. If you google you will find lots of articles about running ageing your face. Hasn't stopped me though!

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