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Asymmetrical face and botox

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ginorwine Wed 22-Jul-15 09:06:19

Hi my face is noticibly asymmetrical . One one side I have v strong forehead muscles which hold my brow high with three distinct wrinkles above them which I can feel hold the brow up . I like it as its high !
On the other side it's v weak and I can't or really minimally lift my brow and the skin seems to have slipped down and that eye has no visible eye lid .
I went for botox and asked for a brow lift - can't be done .
One practitioner opened the eye by i mm last year by that I mean from the outer side of my face .
She did her best but for the money I'm not sure have it again .
I went to another practitioner y day hoping she cd help .
She said that she could try to immobilise the stronger side to stop me using it and she would try to then make the other side work harder I think ?
She said that this Wd hopefully lift the brow but from the inner bit .
I had a long journey , paid for consultation but didn't have the hoped for botox as she said I needed to think about it as its tricky and may result in two heavy brows .
She said really surgery . Brow lift and eye lid lift . Devastated !!
Can any one give any advice please . Thanks .

ginorwine Wed 22-Jul-15 09:10:34

Maybe facial expecise?

ginorwine Sat 25-Jul-15 22:17:18


MyRightFoot Sat 25-Jul-15 23:24:31

ive got a similar brow problem. i have botox on my 11s and she also injects around the droopy eyebrow to lift it. it works but its not perfect. i use eyemakeup to balance it out but i think i will go for surgery eventually. is this the same treatment you had?

ginorwine Sun 26-Jul-15 08:49:50

My .
My droop is to the outside of the brow so that I have no lid from the Middle to outside.
I had botox to try and lift the outer of the brow and it did it but by only 1 mm I guess . Not sure if worth the cash .
Got second opinion and she said the best way to lift is from the bit of brow at opposite end . She said the muscles are too weak to achieve a lift from were the prev practitioner tried . How er she said its complex and her method could result in a heavier brow if it went that way !!!!
I'm really not sure what to do !
How do you use make up to balance when there is no lid on one eye ? Any tips welcome indeed !!!! Thanks .

MyRightFoot Sun 26-Jul-15 10:12:01

similar. to me i think although we have an eyelid, its just hidden. first off i pluck the droopy eyebrow a bit higher than the other. before make up i hold icecube on droopy lid off and on for a few mins, this reduces inflammation. i keep eye makeup simple but most important i use dark brown eyeshadow on lids to the socket line. on the droopy i bring eyeshadow a smidge higher than the other. with eyelashes i use curlers on the droopy and droopy gets more coats of mascara. its an optical illusion that works for me. i may look into radio frequency treatment that removes fat by ultrasound. 60 to 100. pounds a session or a tightening treatment.

ginorwine Sun 26-Jul-15 13:20:28

Thanks !!!

MyRightFoot Sun 26-Jul-15 13:39:19

ur welcome. post back here and tell me if make up works for u and if u find a non surgical remedy. also, i dont think people notice the droop, its me who has obsessed about it!

ginorwine Sun 26-Jul-15 16:06:17

I don't use eye make up other than mascara and liner so will get a shade !
I will try the mascara thing !
Yes of course if I finf anything I will tell you .
I too hate it !! seeing photos were one eye drops makes me argh !!

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