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Help! Completely lost my way...

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escape Wed 22-Jul-15 05:09:41

I'm a mess sad
Due to a combination of weight/stress & lifestyle , my wardrobe has shrunk to 4 dresses and one pair of Ill fitting jeans.

I look and feel terrible, I need to sort it. I WILL sort it!
But I need some sage advice.

I'm a size 18. 5ft 8
38F boobs.
I have a ginormous belly. One of those that starts from under my rib cage and protrudes. This makes it difficult to find things to fit. My legs aren't good either and always need tights unless in trousers and maxi dress.

I want to build up a smart casual wardrobe. I work from home and don't socialise much, but I know fashion and what I like. I don't want to be part of the leggings and tunic brigade - and know I need to lose weight - but where do I start finding myself again when I look and feel so dreadful?

Mygardenistoobig Wed 22-Jul-15 07:15:43

I would start by visiting the hairdresser and allowing them to restyle your hair. It's also a good time for a social! Chat, read a mag, have a cuppa and get pampered.
Next visit a department store and try on some perfume.
Whilst there try on some clothes and see what you like the look of.

Have you got any maxi skirts?
I think a maxi skirt teamed with flat sandals and perhaps a gypsy style top.

I'd try a dark coloured skirt say navy, black or brown with a lighter coloured top depending on what colour suits you. The gypsy top will cover the tops of your arms and you can get ones that have material beneath the elastic to go over your belly.
Try teaming this with a pair of earrings and matching bracelet.

Goodbetterbest Wed 22-Jul-15 07:27:45

Many shops now offer a personal shopper (Next, Dorothy Perkins, house of Fraser) which is free. After the hairdressers, go to your favourite shops, have a chat and see what they suggest?

Goodbetterbest Wed 22-Jul-15 07:41:55

And also look at having your eyebrows done - it makes a huge difference to looking 'groomed'. I also have eyelash extensions (which I am addicted to, I admit).

Choose a part of your body you like and focus on that. I have short stumpy legs, a belly, spaniel-ear breasts, but I quite like my shoulders so I wear lots of off the shoulder tops. Them it's just jeans, or jeans and a small heel if I'm going out-out. High waisted jeans from Next are my staple.

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