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Curly haired ladies of S&B, I need your help with dd2's hair, please.

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lucysmam Tue 21-Jul-15 19:24:38

Dp's mam gets married in three ish weeks.

Until today; all three flower girls were having their hair up, in a donut bun with sparkly hair pins to keep them in place.

Today, dp's mam handed me a sheet of gem things that you use straighteners to stick to hair, and a pair of slides for the front bits for each of my girls. She wants these rather than buns.

Trouble is, being 5yo and curly, dd2 often sports the 'dragged through a hedge and then shoved back the other way' look grin . my question...Dd1's hair is straight so I can run the straighteners over that to tame it neatly but wtf do I do with the frizzy fuzz ball of curls that dd2 has to neaten it up?! Even if it only lasts for the ceremony and some photo's?

Tia for any help smile

coff33addict Tue 21-Jul-15 19:43:20

do they have to have the same hair style? this clearly won't work with frizzy curls.

DD either sports a bird's nest and if she needs to look a bit smart/tidy then I make a bun. there isn't a lot in between grin

lucysmam Tue 21-Jul-15 20:34:57

She says she wants all three girls the same - my oldest and the other little girl have straight hair that's easily tamed so that's alright for them but dd2 will look like a frizz ball if I do hers like that.

I'll see if half up/half down is ok, that way I can catch the front up in it & make sure it's all curled up at the back with a spray of water.

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