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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

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sonata1 Mon 20-Jul-15 22:07:23

So I picked up a can today in "Tan Glow". I have olive skin but want to disguise my veins. Is this colour right for me? It's one down from the darkest.

Trumpton Tue 21-Jul-15 05:37:09

I don't know what colour will suit you but I wanted to say that I apply mine by spraying it onto a tanning mitt rather than straight onto my legs . Lovely product. I have medium glow and am fairly pale skinned.

cloudsandrain Tue 21-Jul-15 06:26:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InQuiteAPickle Tue 21-Jul-15 06:30:16

Does it cover veins? I hate my veiny legs.

cloudsandrain Tue 21-Jul-15 06:41:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sonata1 Tue 21-Jul-15 09:58:09

Thanks one and all. It seems as if I might have the correct shade then. I haven't used it yet as I have a MOB dress fitting later and I don't want the seamstress to fall about laughing at my tanned legs and lighter bod ! I am going to try it tonight. It says that it is water resistant but washes off with soap and water??

cloudsandrain Tue 21-Jul-15 10:54:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sonata1 Tue 21-Jul-15 11:10:50

Sounds good. The reason I got it was that there was a woman in Superdrug and she said she used it. Her legs were fab. It looked like she had just been on her hols. She was talking about it to another lady so I gegged in and we both ended up buying a can LOL

InQuiteAPickle Tue 21-Jul-15 22:05:38

Ooh, might have to get some then. My legs never see the light of day as I hate my thread veins! This might be a revelation.

ashtrayheart Tue 21-Jul-15 22:07:23

I use the lightest one to cover my veins and strange coloured feet and ankles! It's good stuff.

MsJuniper Tue 21-Jul-15 22:08:57

I spray on the mitt and then blend onto my legs. Love it!

TheMightyMing Tue 21-Jul-15 22:37:37

I find it a bit orangey , but the light one was a bit pale!

WaggleBee Wed 22-Jul-15 00:27:09

I don't understand it at all. I bought the light glow last year and it was really orange.

Can only conclude that some people who say they're pale and love it, are like people who are a size 10 and say they're fat. grin

Or I'm the palest person on MN.

Maybe I should try it again because it is raved about by everyone else. Must be doing it wrong...

WaggleBee Wed 22-Jul-15 00:30:40

Had a quick google image search and it does look too dark for very pale types imo.

If you don't like it Sonata the St Tropez wash off stuff is very good.

WaggleBee Wed 22-Jul-15 00:31:30

The make up one, not the shower stuff.

(Sorry for triple post blush)

MeganTrainer Wed 22-Jul-15 01:24:49

Lovely stuff. I too use a mitt but I use it everywhere - arms, chest, shoulders etc.... anywhere you'd use fake tan. I'm very pale but the lightest one is too pale for me.

sonata1 Wed 22-Jul-15 08:14:29

Most probably half a can gone without me even using it now. DD saw it and decided to try it herself !

MsJuniper Wed 22-Jul-15 08:30:53

I'm fair rather than pale and the lightest one works on me. Maybe it sits on different skin types differently hence why some pale people find it ok and others too orange? Or maybe because it's instant it can be a bit of a shock and seems to look very unnatural.

Greengardenpixie Wed 22-Jul-15 08:46:54

Well i am quite sallow and bought the medium glow. It looks really orange on me. I have a tan right now and applied it to see if it would even up conceal my mossie bites my skin and it was a perfect match. I have spent 3 weeks in baking sunshine in Europe!!!

Greengardenpixie Wed 22-Jul-15 08:48:42

...oh and the tan glow is meant to be the darker one!!!

Sheezus Wed 22-Jul-15 08:56:09

I couldn't figure out why people were raving about it either.
I tried it and my legs looked mummified in Orange!!

Then I tried spraying it on the mitt and really blending. It's a revelation!!
Did take a few tries and less is more approach.

Greengardenpixie Wed 22-Jul-15 09:08:12

Thats interesting. May try a tanning mit although i dont have one atm.

Has anyone tried applying it at night, leaving it to set and getting up and its still fine?

I dont have time in the mornings to faff with it but would like to wear skirts and have a nice even look on my legs at work!!!

Greengardenpixie Wed 22-Jul-15 09:08:55

I mean putting it on before bed, letting it dry and getting up with it still ok?

Trumpton Wed 22-Jul-15 12:51:45

Yes it's still there in the morning and not all over the sheets ! In fact mine will last through a shower if I don't wash my legs .

CurlsLDN Wed 22-Jul-15 13:32:54

I love it, it's my 'wedding legs' product. I think even on the spray One it says on the can to spray into your hand then rub on, so maybe people are getting dodgy results from spraying directly?

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