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Peter Jones Style Advice

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LazySusan11 Mon 20-Jul-15 08:29:19

I've just booked a 2hr style experience at Peter Jones Sloane Sq. John Lewis was fully booked.

Has anyone had this? Will I be put in canary yellow and told I look great over my protests or are they pretty good at styling?

LazySusan11 Mon 20-Jul-15 14:27:18

Shameless bump

dannydyerismydad Mon 20-Jul-15 14:28:27

I thought you were going to ask where he from Dragons Den gets his veneers done.

NoelEdmondsHighFlyingTurds Mon 20-Jul-15 14:30:46

Me too! I thought this was going to be a thread about Argyll socks for the taller man.

ethelb Mon 20-Jul-15 14:31:15

Im going to JL in Oxford circus tomorrow afternoon. I will let you know.

NoelEdmondsHighFlyingTurds Mon 20-Jul-15 14:50:36

Just make sure you avoid HOC, otherwise you'll be put in navy mascara and cerise lipstick. grin

LazySusan11 Mon 20-Jul-15 18:17:12

Thanks ethelb!

MaeMobley Mon 20-Jul-15 22:09:57

please report back.

Bumblebzz Mon 20-Jul-15 22:21:43

I did it and it was worthwhile. Note you can return anything you buy within 3 months, but you don't need to refund the deductible fee if you do that.

ethelb Tue 21-Jul-15 18:06:29

I have just got back from mine, which was a 1 Hour Style Express service so probably a bit quicker than yours, but I was there to get an interview outfit for tomorrow.

I had a really nice woman who was interested in what I was in to, what colours I did and didn't like and what problems I have when shopping. I have quite a few as I am short and busty.

We then went around looking at clothes, very much led by her as she said she had various dresses and jackets (what I was looking for) in mind and knew which brands would fit me well. She explained what she was looking for re length, neck height and shape when selecting clothes which I hadn't thought of before and she was right, they did look more flattering on me than other styles.

We then tried them all on, and she proved to be quite right about what brands fit me. I found two outfits that worked really well and chose one as that is all I was there for!

I would defo do it again, but if you want the negatives (which actually don't matter all that much) here they are:

They were a bit precious about accessories which I don't really do and very adamant that I needed to promise to wear a white bag tomorrow with my outfit (I won't as I am v fussy about handbags and don't have time. I think a white handbag sounds gross). Also blue heels with a blue dress is apparently v imp.

Said I needed to wear small handbags as I am small. Fair enough but this is for a job where I will need to carry some stuff around and defo for the interview.

Made a comment about how it would look better when I had my hair and make up done. I had a professional blow dry just before and a full face of make up on.

So all in all a great experience and I would do it again, but I did have to brush off the preciousness of some of it!

LazySusan11 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:56:47

Thank you so much for coming back ethelb, I hope mine doesn't suggest a white handbag I don't care how fashionable it might be!! Glad you had a good experience. Good luck for tomorrow smile

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