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Need help with bra fitting.

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treasure84 Sun 19-Jul-15 18:22:20

Ok so I am a size 16 clothing and from previous fittings always advised to wear a 38dd but I have realised recently it doesn't provide me any support. I am able to pull the band and straps out so far and when bending boobs can sometimes spill over to give me 4 boobs look. Have always just put up with it. But now having had kids I am starting to sag and so need the support.

Having measured using the better bra campaign methods I have the following measuements;

Under bust 35 inches and 43 inches at widest part.

If my calculations are right I should be looking for 36f or possibly 34g.

I have a couple of stones of menopausal weight I carry like a tyre under my boobs.

I would never have thought to try on a 34g but went shopping today and found it surprisingly comfortable.

My question is when trying on both 34g and 36f (just t shirt bras) I seem to end up with a roll of back fat above the band which is quite obvious including when covered with clothes.

Any ideas how I can get rid of this back fat firstly and any advice with regards to bra style/shape that would minimise this.

SorrelForbes Sun 19-Jul-15 18:29:00

Are you scooping with vigour? You may need to try a bigger cup to contain all the be breast tissue.

treasure84 Sun 19-Jul-15 18:59:11

Bigger! Oh my word - I didn't think my boobs were that big in the first place. I am going bra shopping again this week as tried today with children at my feet and it didn't work.

SorrelForbes Sun 19-Jul-15 21:01:56

Very often any back and under arm bulges can be reduced by a smaller back and bigger cup. Try a 34GG/H.

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