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cropped trousers for pear shape?

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DilysPrice Sat 18-Jul-15 23:01:54

I could do with a pair of cropped jeans or trousers for summer. I'm a 5'4" pear shape size 12 in search of trousers that don't leave me with back/waist gapeage. And yes I do want them even though I'm dumpy - I had a pair which worked brilliantly and I believe that it should be possible to get another one..... please?

maybemyrtle Sat 18-Jul-15 23:51:14

Try Gap tailored crops, they have a pale khaki shade currently in the sale. I have lived in the black ones for work this summer. Size 10-12 pear, 5'5.

lurkingaround Sun 19-Jul-15 00:00:49

I second the Gap tailored crops. Sew closed the pockets.

DilysPrice Sun 19-Jul-15 07:50:12

Thanks, I'll give them a look.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 19-Jul-15 11:57:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Spindelina Sun 19-Jul-15 15:22:06

What are your calves like? Mine are huge (matching my thighs!) so a lot of cropped trousers have been too tight at the bottom, even if they've gone over my thighs.

I've found wide leg linen trousers work well though.

DilysPrice Sun 19-Jul-15 15:45:00

I have, though I say it myself as shouldn't, fabulous calves and well-turned ankles that could star in their own series of historical novels. Hence the desire for cropped trousers - at my age there's increasingly few parts of my body that I am keen to flaunt.

whinetaster Sun 19-Jul-15 15:57:13

You are my height and size and sound a similar shape. I have a nice pair of gap crops and have just bought some massively successful crop jeans from Monsoon- I bought boyfriend jeans in a size down (size 10) and they look brill- the size 10 means the waist fits, while the boyfriend cut works on my chunky thighs. Prob not how they are supposed to be worn, but I've had lots of compliments!

DilysPrice Sun 19-Jul-15 16:04:03

Ooh, I've got a Monsoon next to my office. I'll try that and the Gap ones tomorrow lunchtime. Thanks all.

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