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TQBD Fri 17-Jul-15 20:03:00

Ive collected a heap of skin care things; washes, creams, treatments - you name it but I've realised I don't really follow a routine beyond my old faithful tea tree wash.

My skin is currently going through a dry phase; but generally is 'normal/dry' and I suffer the odd breakout. This time last year; it was horrendous, I broke out almost constantly and think I somehow upset a balance and caused pretty angry skin. I tried a lot; LRP was reccomended but made my skin feel puffy and tight over my cheekbones. I find my skin responds well to tea tree based washes.

Can anyone help me come up with a routine if I give a list of products please?

LRP effclar gel wash (oily sensitive skin)
LRP effclar duo
REN express make up remover - rosa centifolia
Dr Sebaugh - serum repair - hyaluronic acid
Avene - thermal water spray
Pixi - glow tonic
Garnier - essentials soothing toner
Botanics - ultra calm cleansing cream
Tea tree gel face wash
Tea tree cream face wash

Happy to add to the collection if needs be; just want that smooth, even coloured glow without a heap of make up!

Wheredidiputthekeys Fri 17-Jul-15 20:08:18

First impressions, you've got too many product types, I think the ingredients can counteract each other. Reduce the number of products to cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunblock and see how you go from there. Never heard of LRP I am a skinceuticals girl. Good luck

TQBD Fri 17-Jul-15 21:28:50

Oh; I dont use them all (any).

Current regime is either Eve Lom or Tea Tree taken off with a hot cloth.

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