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I need a gargantuan curling wand

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Bavmorda Fri 17-Jul-15 17:20:56

This Bombay Hair one gets recommended, but I was wondering if any of you have one you like. I'm looking for the sort of thing that creates those subtle, barely there waves - just to give my my hair a bit of shape when it's loose.

Jaeme Fri 17-Jul-15 20:45:00

This one is quite chubby and you can set the sections to different temperatures

WaggleBee Sat 18-Jul-15 04:12:02

Whichever you get, remember the more hair you use per wave, the looser the wave will be.

Apologises if you already know that. I didn't realise until recently.

WaggleBee Sat 18-Jul-15 04:13:30


TheHappinessTrap Sat 18-Jul-15 06:31:05

I have one the same size but was £49 from vidal sassoon, and it has heat settings. It depends on your hair. I'm still playing with mine. My hair is long with a slight wave but it takes and keeps a curl really easily so I have to be careful not to end up with strong curls. I can recommend this one though. It heats up in seconds so I don't have to leave it on while I do other things.

Meloria Sat 18-Jul-15 08:11:09

Babylis do a 34mm one that's about £40.

burnishedsilver Sat 18-Jul-15 09:55:50

I had one that size and the wave was so big and lose that it fell out almost immediately. My hair was long at the time. It might have been better on shorter hair.

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