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Skin breaking out thanks to shampoo (I think) and need help!

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sksk Fri 17-Jul-15 09:32:33

So I think the Garnier shampoo is the culprit- breaking me out in a horrible cystic pimple on my chin and a few smaller ones. Anything I can do to calm things down? I've tried the hydrocolloid dressing option the last time my shampoo did this (why did I give the shampoo a second chance?!) but didn't help much. I have Paula's Choice 1% gel, probably need 2% but don't want to spend that kind of money right now, if I can help it. Could go to my GP but it is likely to be antibiotics? to be honest, I've been getting breakouts more over the last few months which could be stress related but the cyst is so painful! Any suggestions?

sksk Fri 17-Jul-15 20:48:56

Should add I have benzoyl peroxide cream, too. Have considered effaclar based on what people here have been saying but am trying to avoid products that are fragranced.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Fri 17-Jul-15 21:03:40

Not sure what a culystic pimple is but Moogoo products are gentle and lovely. Have helped with my seborrhaeic dermatitis and itchy scalp.

Ohanarama Fri 17-Jul-15 21:08:03

Certain shampoos and conditioners break my skin out badly too. The spots usually dry out quite quickly when I start using a different shampoo. I think its the parabens in the products that cause the problems. At the moment I'm using Tresemee products which don't seem to affect my skin.

allpassionspent Fri 17-Jul-15 22:44:29

It could be an allergic reaction to Methylisothiazolinone or Methylchloroisothiazolinone. They are used as presrvatives in a wide range of toiletries and cosmetics and can cause a form of contact dermatitis in some people. (They bring me out in itchy red lumps or patches that are really painful).
L'Oreal Purecolour doesn't have them.

Aquamarine70 Sat 18-Jul-15 07:28:28

I've just had the same thing you spots around my hairline, temples, along the jaw & behind my ears. I'm thinking it is the silicone in the product as I can't use liquid foundation anymore as I react. I have switched back to a sulphate free shampoo that I have used before. I bought Effaclar Duo & it has helped to clear up the spots. My skin is sensitive but I had no reaction to the Effaclar. I was very impressed with it.

sksk Sat 18-Jul-15 17:02:54

Thanks for the suggestions. It is definitely not allergic. I might give the effaclar a go- if ther was one product that made the difference, would it be the wash, duo cream or the AI cream?

WaggleBee Sat 18-Jul-15 17:25:52

Which shampoo was it sksk? Wondering if that's why I get spots around hairline sometimes. I switch shampoos around so maybe it's that.

sksk Sat 18-Jul-15 19:57:26

I used the Garner Ultimate Blends "The sleek restorer". Maybe it was too oily for my face and body-I recall getting breakouts on my back as well when I used it regularly. I don;t know if the other ultimate blends ones will be bad for me, too but I won't try! Have switched back to Head and Shoulders which has suited me in the past.

WaggleBee Sat 18-Jul-15 20:07:53

Thanks. I really like a couple of the Ultimate Blends ones but haven't used that one. I'll avoid. Wonder if cocoa butter is similar to Shea butter? That always breaks me out.

Can't go wrong with H&S. It's a classic.

sksk Sat 18-Jul-15 21:16:40

I'm not sure if I've used many facial products with Shea butter but it could be too clogging on the skin and maybe cocoa butter does the same. I'm using a fragrance free wash by Palmer's, Paula's Choice 1% BHA gel, cerave cream and during the day I use Clinique spf25 city block sheer. Was using boots no7 redness relief serum (for my red nose) as it has ingredients similar to cerave but on its own didn't feel moisturising enough and with the others might be one step too much. Current stress levels are through the roof too.

Aquamarine70 Sun 19-Jul-15 01:32:16

It was the Effaclar Duo cream I used.

sksk Sun 19-Jul-15 08:20:12

Aquamarine70, do you use a foundation/makeup now and if so, which one? I do wonder about silicones in skincare and makeup clogging pores.

Aquamarine70 Sun 19-Jul-15 14:43:10

I have had to go back to mineral makeup I use Jane Iredale powder base. I had a sample of YSL Youch Éclat. I liked it & used it for a day & I was ok but I need 2 or 3 days in a row to see if I am allergic. I' too nervous to buy a full bottle as it's so expensive. Though we have Mecca Maxima here in Australia which I love. If you have the receipt you can take it back & exchange if you react or are not happy. The girls in there are nice so there is no awkwardness at the till. smile

sksk Sun 19-Jul-15 20:57:06

I have been curious about trying Jane Iredale but finding a shade of foundation that suits me is so difficult and I get it wrong more often than not. That's why I like Bobbi Brown so much. I might give mineral makeup another go. Trying the effacer now- let's see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Aquamarine70 Mon 20-Jul-15 11:27:43

I use shade light beige Amazing Base as am usually one shade down from the fairest in most foundations. It gives a nice colour. The pressed bases arête same shade names but different colours. I used Satin in the pressed base.,

Aquamarine70 Mon 20-Jul-15 11:28:44

*are the not arête (whatever that means)

sksk Mon 20-Jul-15 17:25:29

That's helpful information, thanks. May I ask what spf product you use?

Aquamarine70 Tue 21-Jul-15 12:53:54

I use Sanctuary Stop the Clock moisturiser Spf 15 & get extra spf from the Jane iredale powder.

sksk Wed 22-Jul-15 17:06:25

Thanks, I might give the Jane Iredale a go sometime.

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