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Is debenhams any good for a bra fitting?

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McKayz Fri 17-Jul-15 06:14:02

I need measuring for a new bra. I've tried doing it myself at home but none of the ones I've ordered feel comfortable.

I know M&S is meant to be awful but I wondered about debenhams.

There's a bravissimo in Leeds but it's a bit far from me. Unless I can persuade DH he fancies a trip,


Furball Fri 17-Jul-15 08:49:34

I think Debenhams are ok if you have a rough knowledge yourself.

Have you measured yourself as per this guide

I would say your best bet would be Bravisimo smile

PerfectlyPosed Fri 17-Jul-15 08:50:51

Watching this too as I have a gift voucher for Debenhams so was planning to get measured there tomorrow. Is it ok to get measured elsewhere and then buy bras from Debenhams?

Furball Fri 17-Jul-15 08:56:26

I would measure yourself as per my link in the other post and go with that knowledge.

3catsandcounting Fri 17-Jul-15 09:01:16

Yes, go to Debs!! After years of M&S fitting me at a 38D, I went yo Debenhams who put me at a 34F - the difference in my shape was amazing!!

avocadotoast Fri 17-Jul-15 09:04:38

They've been shit whenever I've been.

In fact I once went there, got fitted for a bra that definitely didn't fit, and then when I went there again (should've learned) the woman was like "oh, where on earth did you get fitted for this?" (And then she still fitted me wrong!)

avocadotoast Fri 17-Jul-15 09:05:49

Speaking from experience as well though, the Bravissimo in Leeds is excellent. Well worth the trip.

McKayz Fri 17-Jul-15 10:07:11

I've measured myself using that website and never found a bra that fits nicely using it.

I've been having pains in my chest and back that the doctors think may be caused by my bras so would like to be fitted properly.

I think I might go to Bravissimo.

McKayz Fri 17-Jul-15 10:08:35

The doctor said I should go to M&S as they were the best for bra fitting. shock

SorrelForbes Fri 17-Jul-15 10:26:08

I'd recommend going to Bravissimo, it'll be well worth the trip.

Which bras have you tried and what were the specific issues?

TriJo Fri 17-Jul-15 10:39:56

Debenhams are up and down - have had great help from staff in one branch and absolutely atrocious treatment in another in the same city.

Bravissimo are a better option in general.

Perfectlyposed if you use an online guide to get a rough idea of your size at home, then try on lots of bras in Debenhams until you find a good fit it shouldn't be an issue.

McKayz Fri 17-Jul-15 11:23:01

I've tried quite a few. I came out at a 40GG using the website and most of them feel really tight and on a couple the end of the wire digs in to my breast at the side.

AccordingToOurRecords Fri 17-Jul-15 11:29:48

Another vote for Bravissimo. I went on Tuesday and they were brilliant. I have never had bras this comfortable before and they look lovely too.

BoysiesBack Fri 17-Jul-15 11:34:56

Well, Debenhams were excellent when I was a bra fitter there grin

In all seriousness, I do find them hit and miss. Bravissimo in Leeds are fantastic, definitely the best place to go if you can get there.

SuperFlyHigh Fri 17-Jul-15 12:07:51

They are terrific but I think it depends on the store location. I also think it helps if you know the lingerie dept - I worked 10 minute walk away and gradually got to know them and trusted them. They would fit me even in lunch hour. and were very honest.

Mine fitted me fine in the equivalent size (as they rarely have or have to order in 28FF/G) for normal bras, sports bras and a Debenhams Gorgeous one.

Bravissimo are great but only when I'm in London!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 17-Jul-15 17:49:15

Bravissimo is well worth a trip. I found a wonderful bra there, and a realised the bra I thought would fit me best didn't.

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Fri 17-Jul-15 21:14:55

Not my local one. They measured my mum as a 40 C, there is no way she is only a C cup, and she is a size 14-16 but I wouldn't say she was a 40.

DavenotChas Fri 17-Jul-15 21:23:12

Wherever you decide to get fitted, debenhams sell a bra in their gorgeous range called the lightweight T-shirt bra that is without a doubt the most comfortable bra I've ever owned. It's unpadded but has thick enough cups that modesty isn't an issue and gives a great natural looking shape. I have it in every colour (34g BTW)

morethanpotatoprints Fri 17-Jul-15 21:29:30

The fitter was great with dd's first bras and suggested she take the bigger cup as she would be in that size soon and we would waste money buying the rather snug one.
She was right and within the fortnight she was a 34b

cunchofbunts Fri 17-Jul-15 21:56:28

morethanpotatoprints Are you sure she's a 34b? Has she tried this?

McKayz Sat 18-Jul-15 10:32:00

Bravissimo is amazing! I'm a 38GG so not a huge difference but it felt so much nicer and looked fab. So happy.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 18-Jul-15 10:55:43

Which one did you buy?

McKayz Sat 18-Jul-15 14:04:44

this one. I love the colour.

TriJo Sat 18-Jul-15 15:29:21

That's beautiful, may your girls be happy in it smile

tabulahrasa Sat 18-Jul-15 15:38:22

They measured DD fine, tape measure round the bottom without any weird adding on and then cup size by eye, she came out as a 30 DD, M&S had her as a 34 b hmm

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