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Hair colour emergency - wedding one week away!

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BackAche21 Thu 16-Jul-15 22:27:58

When I say emergency, I haven't actually burnt half my hair off while frying chips, or had it cut in my sleep by my 3yo BUT I have had a colour disaster and not sure what to do, and it's a week before my wedding.

The short version is that I have long dun coloured mid-brown hair with a small amount of grey through it and the bottom part of my hair has some grown out blonde highlights.

Yesterday I had a semi-permanent warm blonde colour put through it with the intention of evening out the colour top and bottom, and using the colour on the grey hairs to add some additional blonde highlights. Ha. Instead of blonde, it came out a very warm, chestnut copper colour - no blonde at all and a mile from the colour on the colour chart. It's quite a nice colour but I don't feel it suits my colouring, and I know that blonde highlights do. Also the difference between the highlights and re growth area is as bad as ever.

The salon immediately offered to correct it at another session, when they will use some toner to take out the copper shade, and will put in highlights instead. However I'm a bit worried that either or both of these actions could leave me with some awful chemical orange highlights, instead of the natural sunny look I was going for. Eek! Apparently the reason for the unexpected colour result is because there are red tones in my natural hair colour. Who knew - it's a classic mouse.

Advice gratefully received!

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