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Cleo Koko Flirty sizing

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AGnu Thu 16-Jul-15 13:19:55

My measurements are 29" & 36"ish... Does anyone know what the Koko sizing is like? I'm thinking of ordering a 28FF - my current 30F (Debenhams own brand) fits fairly comfortably but was almost immediately on the tightest hooks.

I'd also be interested if anyone has any recommendations for similar bras. I need something with a low, narrow gore & would usually go for white/black/nude but I can't seem to find anything but bright colours. TIA smile

AGnu Mon 20-Jul-15 14:52:20

Anyone? I need to order today if I'm going to get it before holiday! smile

AGnu Wed 22-Jul-15 13:19:04

I know I'm completely talking to myself now but if there is anyone around... New bra has arrived & mostly seems to fit ok, albeit a little tighter than my old one - not overly surprising given that I've gone down a band size! It does feel a little funny under my arms though - the straps come down right where the crease into my armpit is so it's not in my armpit but it does feel a little like it's rubbing. It also seems to gape just a tiny bit at the top when I lean forward but when I stand straight my slightly larger breast bulges a little towards the bottom. confused

I don't think I could go to a smaller band size - this one's tight but not suffocatingly so on the loosest hooks. I suspect a smaller cup size would be too small... Do I just need a different style? I have a hard enough time finding bras with narrow/low gores! sad I'm beginning to think I should just start buying lottery tickets so I might one day be able to afford to pay someone to make me customised bras!

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