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Could breast pain be linked to my underwired bra?

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ILovedThe90s Thu 16-Jul-15 02:27:57

I've was properly fitted at Boux Ave about a year ago as 30d (from a 34c!) and it was a revelation to have bras that fitted my cups perfectly, but I've always been unsure about the band, I get red marks all round the back. Anyway, lately I've been getting an achy pain in the breast part near the armpits on both sides. It doesn't correlate to where the wire sits, but is near there. The pain comes and goes, it's at it's worst currently and I've just taken paracetamol. But in a few days it'll dissappear again for a while. I have no lumps or breast changes or anything else unusual. I haven't put on weight in the last year, and the cups still fit.

Could this be bra related? Does anyone else get this? I'm worrying myself silly here...

Pileofstuffatthebottomofthesta Thu 16-Jul-15 06:36:38

Same issue here although I have put on weight. I started using sports bras round the house and pain noticeably less (maybe even absent). Is it worth trying similar to see if linked? I love the way new bras look but I find them very uncomfortable to wear

CarpeJugulum Thu 16-Jul-15 06:40:30

I'd still get it checked out naturally, but yes, I have a bra which does this to me - it's the cut not the wire and where it moves my breast tissue.

As to the band size, yes you may be a 30 but if you have no squidgy bits, then a 32 may be a better option - have you checked your own measurements as discussed on here?

ILovedThe90s Thu 16-Jul-15 07:11:07

The only sports bra I have is an underwired one size 32d, I'll give that a go today and see if it helps. It's still painful this morning.

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