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L'Oreal collagen night cream- Any good?

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notthestereotype Wed 15-Jul-15 12:14:54

So I bought this yesterday, as my 8 year old DD used the rest of my Estee Lauder ANR for her potion angry aaaaand breath confused

Anyway, I know this is a cream rather than a serum/ treatment, but I fancied a change anyway and I've heard very good things about this L'Oreal cream.

I tried it last night and it went on ok, but was very greasy. I quite like heavy creams, but this was still very much present in the morning!! So yeah, this really is heavy. Possibly too heavy. I probably have a bit of a glow thus morning, but obviously it's too soon to see 'real' results.

So, anyone tried this?


notthestereotype Wed 15-Jul-15 12:20:28


notthestereotype Wed 15-Jul-15 13:10:05


pinkfrocks Wed 15-Jul-15 13:49:54

what results are you trying to achieve?

I don't think anything in a pot or tube can really make much difference; if it did we'd all look 21 forever.

notthestereotype Wed 15-Jul-15 15:12:06

Well I'm not completely unrealistic wink, but I guess I'd just be happy with a bit more of a glow. I'm a firm believer in prevention is better than the cure and I guess this is more my aim. Slowing, rather than stopping.

littlemissboozy Sat 18-Jul-15 14:29:55

Another bump

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