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Double wear light foundation

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Wenchelda Tue 14-Jul-15 21:14:18

I've been wanting to try the Estée Lauder DW for ages since reading such good reviews about it but always felt too intimidated to go to one of the make up counters for a colour match - I usually just wear the boots botanics BB cream so "proper" make up is all a bit scary to me. Anyway I was feeling brave today so went and the lady recommended I try the light version as the normal DW might seem too heavy compared to the BB cream I am used to. She gave me a tiny little pot which is apparently a 10 day sample .... From the size of it I'm guessing I need a very small amount each day if at really is 10 days worth. Am I best applying with a brush? What do I need underneath it? I normally do cleanse / toner / serum / moisturiser / BB cream. Should I do the same but swap the bb cream for the DW? Do I need any powder on top? Thanks thanks

shadesofwinter Tue 14-Jul-15 22:04:34

I've recently started using normal DW after years of BB cream and I love it. After moisturising I use Benefit Porefessional, then just dot the foundation in and blend in with my fingers (cba with a brush!). I do use powder over it as I prefer the finish. You do only need a little bit, that sample pot lasted ages for me!

Wenchelda Tue 14-Jul-15 22:16:38

Thanks - that's encouraging its lasted ages ... If it hadn't said a 10 day sample, I would've guessed at the pot lasting about 3 days so clearly I would be using too much! Is the porefessional you mentioned like a primer? I generally don't use primer but I do have a Body shop vitamin c one or some lanacane here somewhere that I guess would do?

Carpaccio Wed 15-Jul-15 00:27:22

You really don't need a lot - I think I use around the size of a water drop or half a pea for my face, maybe even less. My experience is a higher end product lasts longer than a more affordable one because less is needed.

I rarely use primer and don't really feel like I need it under DWL.

I use the foundation after moisturiser. I apply with either a dampened beautyblender or real techniques sponge (orange, similar to the beautyblender) or real techniques expert face brush or buffing brush. The sponges seem to soak up more of the foundation than a brush or fingers IME.
Sometimes I use powder after, other times I don't and sometimes I touch up with powder during the day.

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