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MN Vogue - volume 61

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shopafrolic Tue 14-Jul-15 18:04:30

Not quite sure how that went so quickly. Continuing the search for stylish bargains. Lurkers welcome - bring links and a smile smile

shopafrolic Tue 14-Jul-15 18:05:51

I didn't even see that one coming! Sits and waits for buddies with wine in hand.

OneLittleLady Tue 14-Jul-15 18:14:44

<busts in with prosecco>

wooooo!! none for me but help yourselves tot he bubbles ladies!

AmberNectarine Tue 14-Jul-15 18:22:05

Those were from the Kingston one actually shop so not even London proper. There is a really good one at St Mary's Axe. Those were the last pair and in the clearance or I'd nip back and get you a pair.

shopafrolic Tue 14-Jul-15 18:50:49

Bless you Amber - well if you ever spot them again can you grab them (if same price and in black?). Awesome find. smile
One I'll take a large glass.

libertychick Tue 14-Jul-15 18:55:32

I am near a TK Maxx tomorrow shop so I will have a look for you. Not central London though so don't hold your breath. Thx for new thread. If you have time on Saturday Kensington High St TK Maxx is excellent. If short on time just do the 'contempory' section, Gold Label, sunnies and shoes.

QueenC well done on the Jigsaw skirt.

MarshaBrady Tue 14-Jul-15 18:57:00

No way! No. 61!

shopafrolic Tue 14-Jul-15 19:12:09

Top tips Lib flowers

QueenCardigan Tue 14-Jul-15 20:06:52

I'll have a glass please one.

That thread seemed to fill up really quick in the end.

amber did you get your reiss top?

AmberNectarine Tue 14-Jul-15 20:11:01

It was far too big as you predicted QueenC so it went back. Shame because it was really nice.

Off to meet a friend - rain has determined outfit - white Stans, washed black Nudie jeans, black muscle vest and black sportmax blazer. Lots of silver jewellery inc Tiffany cuff and Marant ear cuffs and black Balenciaga on my arm.

QueenCardigan Tue 14-Jul-15 20:14:17

Love the sound of lots of jewelley amber. Shame about the top. Weird sizing as something else I tried I needed a medium.

Just had a quick try on of a couple of potential outfits for saturday. I may wear trousers. I'm even considering heels too shock

bettykt Tue 14-Jul-15 20:29:19

Cheers for the new thread Shop I'll take a glass, or 3 of wine loved those backpacks you linked for Maz

QueenC glad you got the skirt you wanted at the right price therefore not too much angst if it doesn't get worn much. How is ds now? Hope he's on the mend.

Amber what a find re: the sunnies. My local TK Maxx is pretty rubbish.

Dry bumping into royalty whilst out n about, as you do. Did you curtesy? grin

Maybe at a future MU we could come dressed a la Linus grin

LinusDKD Tue 14-Jul-15 20:57:43

Here you all are! Thanks shop!

Lol betty, imagine me walking into a MU and everyone would be a Linus clone. shock

I would love to come to another MU and meet everyone I didn't meet last time (and all the ones I did meet) but I'm not sure I'll be coming to London this year.

Drywhiteplease Tue 14-Jul-15 21:15:39

<tops up chilled vin Blanc >
How did 60 get filled so quickly? shock
Amber I know Kingston well.....spent my childhood in Bentalls. My TAKKY is crap sad
Betty you may not know that I have aspirations in life, Debretts, am great at curtseying and know how to say Ma'am properly like spam but was too busy taking pics and rather distracted by a gas man's I know this because he stopped his van next to my car muscles and just waved like a loon, GAH totally forgot all etiquette really not good at impromptu royal meetings wink
Cheers to all.
I'be got a job interview tomorrow. Please keep fingers crossed.
Thank you.

libertychick Tue 14-Jul-15 21:32:17

Oh fingers and toes crossed dry go easy on the white

Fedupnagging Tue 14-Jul-15 21:39:24

Hey, here you all are <drops curtesy to Dry>

Great find Amber used to spend £££ in JL Kingston

Saw someone wearing shoes similar to these with white skinny crops. She looked great. I now want a pair. I think Bernice has similar?

Fedupnagging Tue 14-Jul-15 21:42:37

Oh and good luck tomorrow Dry.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Tue 14-Jul-15 21:42:47

Good luck Dry very exciting and I'm sure you'll be great!

Thanks for new thread shop you're the master (mistress?) of starting them.

Fab sunnies Amber, I'll be doing my jury service in Kingston (2 weeks to go eek) so I'll make sure to try and scour the TK Maxx if I get the chance. Hope you're having a good evening out.

Just had dinner with my sister (just at Prezzo) after helping her buy her first car. I was driving but now I'm home I'll partake in some of that prosecco please One grin wine

noviceoftheday Tue 14-Jul-15 21:53:13

Hello! So my plans to reverse the weekend damage not helped by the sushi and 3 g&ts I have just had!blush

Linus I loved that Jason Wu dress you linked. Beautiful!

Lib found myself thinking of you this morning as i snuck out of the house.grin Hope you had a relaxing weekend x

Ootd is black Hugo boss dress, white j crew jacket and am at train station so black RB flats. Decided to add colour through my blue Balenciaga City. Was on another thread recently and it reminded me how much I love this bag so it's been my bag of the week recently.

noviceoftheday Tue 14-Jul-15 21:54:56

Oh bugger. Meant to add....Big sloppy gin breath good luck kisses for Dry.thanks

libertychick Tue 14-Jul-15 22:02:57

All that tiptoeing around will come to no good young novice!!! Lovely weekend thanks.

shopafrolic Tue 14-Jul-15 22:08:27

Good luck Dry star

MarshaBrady Tue 14-Jul-15 22:10:47

Good luck Dry!

bettykt Tue 14-Jul-15 22:12:09

Yes, good luck for tomorrow Dry'what will you wear? Or would you prefer not to say in case the interviewer(s) are MNV lurkers shock

OneLittleLady Tue 14-Jul-15 22:19:19

good luck dry!!!

novice OOTD sounds fab

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