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Boden prices - I can't keep up!

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PontypineNumber9 Mon 13-Jul-15 22:48:49

What's going on with Boden pricing???
I put some sale items in my basket yesterday. Went back today to put the order through and all the prices have changed - and gone up! How can sale prices go up? It is so frustrating buying from them as literally the prices change on a daily basis.
Does this happen to anyone else?

OlivesAreLush Mon 13-Jul-15 22:49:38

The sale ended at midnight last night.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 13-Jul-15 22:54:56

Am not sure what's going on with the sale this year.
Normally the whole site goes to 75 per cent discount on a lot of stuff before they switch to new season.
This year they seem to be holding the more summery stuff back at higher price .
I Suspect further reductions in a few weeks.

PontypineNumber9 Mon 13-Jul-15 23:10:57

Oh I see. Hadn't realised the sale was ending and prices going back up. They yo-yo so much! I'll hang on for a while and see if the prices go back down again then.

lutra3d Mon 13-Jul-15 23:12:37

Yes the sale hasn't been great at all this year. They usually have loads more bargains.

OlivesAreLush Mon 13-Jul-15 23:14:38

They will definitely reduce again. Keep an eye out. They had lots of choices on some stock so will have to shift it somehow.

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