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A thread for high street lipstick recommendations for different seasons.

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Deeznutz Mon 13-Jul-15 21:39:26

Thought I'd start off some of my finds and if anyone wants to add theirs to help others that would be great.

True Winter- no7 Love Red
- rimmel 107
-Maybelline Ruby Star
-rimmel Berry Queen

True Summer- Avon Ravishing Rose
-wilkinsons 04 on the catwalk
Avon Matte Mauve

Soft summer -Avon tea rose
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm -Sultry.
Revlon Colorburst lip butter -pink truffle.

Soft Autumn- rimmel 105
wilkinsons 06 barely there.
Revlon 420 Blushed

True Spring- Revlon Coral 080
- Revlon Matte balm - 240 Striking.

deep Autumn - loreal Color Riche Eva's Pure red.

deep Winter- MUA shade 1
collection 2000 01 Deluxe.

Bright Spring - Revlon Fire and Ice.
Rimmel rose passion.

Bright Winter - NYX Bloody Mary
Revlon Certainly Red.
Revlon cherry blossom.

Light Summer- Next make me beautiful lipgloss x3

Some of these have been recently discontinued but you can still pick them up on eBay and other online shops.

Also for Soft summers there are three great eyeshadow palettes I have found-
-wilkinsons Essence range -All about the nudes 01
Avon Luxe- glamorous roses
MUA- ever After.

Max Factor Pink Brandy ...(true?) Spring.

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