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strapless beach / day dresses

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poppym12 Mon 13-Jul-15 13:39:02

Has anyone seen any please? not totally see through and almost knee length would be preferable.

HappyGirlNow Mon 13-Jul-15 14:57:30 cheap and cheerful.. I just bought the black and blue for covering up my bikini..

poppym12 Mon 13-Jul-15 16:38:22

thanks happygirl. i'd prefer something less snug really as i'm around size 16 these days blush

HappyGirlNow Mon 13-Jul-15 16:44:49

Ah.. Sorry... Think I saw something appropriate somewhere recently, I'll have a think....

poppym12 Mon 13-Jul-15 17:08:12

thank you. trying to tell myself i don't need to wear a sack but its not working.

HappyGirlNow Mon 13-Jul-15 17:21:14

Something like this?

HappyGirlNow Mon 13-Jul-15 17:22:49

Different print?

WicksEnd Mon 13-Jul-15 18:16:18

I've just bought four from primarny, £3.50 each grin

Elasticated bust, no straps, various colours available. They're ideal for the beach as it doesn't matter if they get ruined with sun lotion etc.

Marylou2 Mon 13-Jul-15 18:31:28

Boohoo have them. I'm a 16 too and they are great and very cheap. Sorry I can't do links but they're easy to find.

Damnautocorrect Mon 13-Jul-15 18:39:19

I was just going to say i saw loads in primark on friday but wicksend beat me to it

poppym12 Mon 13-Jul-15 23:01:42

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the next ones and will check out primark and boohoo too. I've never bought anything from the latter two so could anyone tell me if their stuff runs true to size or will I need to size up?

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