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Bridal make up- completely clueless

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BitsyVonMuffling Mon 13-Jul-15 12:53:35

I get married in six weeks and when I went out with some friends at the weekend many were adamant that I needed to go to a beauty counter to get made over in preparation for the day. I'd rather chew off my own arm but it did get me thinking. I do wear makeup everyday, foundation, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner. All of them agreed I'd need some kind of primer, powder and setting spray (what even is that??) I want to look the best I can and I know I'm going to need to go on a hunt for a lipstick as I don't usually wear any, but what do I really need and what can I do without? Marrying at the end of August makes me worry my makeup will just slide right off in the heat. Any recommendations for products or counters to head to or avoid?

Carpaccio Mon 13-Jul-15 13:12:57

I would have a look at videos on youtube to get some inspiration. Lisa Eldridge is great, Sharon Farrell and Pixiwoo are also good. There are loads of people doing makeup videos.

Personally, I don't think one brand does everything well, so I wouldn't want to buy everything from one brand. I also have an issue with the hygiene aspect of having the testers applied on my face/lips/eyes. I am not convinced that the sales people are as good at cleaning the brushes they use and so on.

If you buy new products, make sure you try them before the day so you know that they will last and look good all day.

Regarding primer, powder and setting spray, I think it depends on how well your makeup lasts. If you know it already lasts really well all day, then you might not need to add more products, but primer and setting spray might be helpful if you find that your makeup doesn't last or if you would like it to last longer. Powder is great for touchups.

There are loads of advice online regarding flashback and foundations. I would test any makeup by taking flash photos before the day to make sure it looks right.

I really like Laura Mercier for tinted moisturisers, cream eyeshadows and lipsticks, Estee Lauder for Double Wear mascara and Double Wear Light foundations, Mac for powder blushers, pressed powders, matte lipsticks and brushes, Guerlain for lipsticks and gloss and Meteorites powders, Maybelline for gel eyeliner.

5446 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:23:31

I do wedding make up, including a bride in SE Asia in 35 degree heat!

On her, I used:
Smashbox primer (Laura Mercier also good).
Lancome foundation and concealer
Bourjois powder
Bobbi Brown blush and lipstick in a nude pink colour
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Grey for her eyebrows
2-3 different MAC eyeshadows, including a matte brown for the crease
Smashbox mascara

That particular bride hardly ever wears make up so wanted something very natural that she could wear again. The lipstick in particular she loved.

Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier seem to be the brands that my brides like, very neutral tones and non shimmery.

Definitely avoid SPF in your foundation and moisturiser.

BitsyVonMuffling Mon 13-Jul-15 15:42:37

That's interesting, why should I avoid spf? Does it make the makeup more likely to slide off? I actually have double wear light foundation which I'm vey happy with, and a Nars blusher which I love but several people have told me to avoid anything with even a hint of shimmer. Why is that? So I don't look sweaty? Is matt everything the way to go?

thecrimsonpetal Mon 13-Jul-15 20:43:50

Anything with SPF will make you look like a ghost in the photos, I think matte is also best because shimmery stuff will also affect how you look in the photos.

FWIW I did my own makeup for my wedding, I just practiced lots before the day, and just went a little bit heavier with it than I normally would, bit more blusher, slightly more eye makeup and I also wore lipstick which I don't usually bother with. I'm pretty happy with how it looked in the photos and on the day.

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