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Boots SmoothSkin Gold IPL hair reduction device for body and face

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PebbleTTC Mon 13-Jul-15 08:41:41

Hi all, has anyone bought /used one of these? Would love to get some feedback to see if it's worth the investment.

Nanasueathome Mon 13-Jul-15 08:50:09

I have just bought the Philips Lumea from Amazon, after seeing a thread in here saying how good it is
Have only had it a week so far so am waiting to see how it goes

hettie Mon 13-Jul-15 09:06:12

Yes, I'm in the 9th week. Have found out easy to use and effective. You can flash very quickly as it resets in seconds and its a doodle to use. I am pale with dark hair and it has already reduced regrowth to the point that I only have to shave every week (as a pose to every other day). It's a bit time consuming but well worth it

PebbleTTC Mon 13-Jul-15 20:21:00

Hey hettie, are you using it on body or face? Do you laser every week for 9 weeks?

PebbleTTC Mon 13-Jul-15 20:22:03

Hey Nana, do think the Philips would be better? I'll do a search and hopefully I can find that thread

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