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How to apply primer/foundation/powder and concealer

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Yarp Sun 12-Jul-15 19:23:02

At the ripe old age of 45 I want to learn how to put a proper 'face' on, just for special occasions. Normally I just wear Maybelline BB cream (tinted moisturiser really).
I have bought a pore-filling primer, a foundation, under-eye concealer, and pressed powder. I also have a yellow concelare for red bits, and some yellow loose power 9great stuff0 from Benefit
I have a foundation brush, a 'stippling' brush (flat-topped), and a big power brush.
What order does it all go on in? Any top tips?

Yarp Sun 12-Jul-15 19:23:26

concealer, even

Yarp Sun 12-Jul-15 19:28:05

Oh, and also, do I need moisturiser as well? And if so, all over or just on the driest bits?

OhMittens Sun 12-Jul-15 20:18:37


Moisturiser - Yes. You need it at 45. All over, including your neck and down to your chest, twice a day (night cream version for night). Get an SPF as high as poss as well. Loreal do one that is SPF30 (Revitalift) and a collagen night cream that is very good. A lot of high end moisturisers do not contain SPF!

Primer - 5 mins after moisturiser. Go sparing as too much means foundation doesn't settle. Pore minimiser can be tricky to work with under foundation. Some people are better with a primer that is more like a lotion.

Foundation - put some on back of your hand and use that as a palette. Work the foundation all over your face with the brush, making sure that it is blended so you can't see any brush strokes.

Concealer - use a sponge tip to apply in a C shape around eyes. Best to get a separate luminating concealer for dark undereye shadows though like Mac prep & prime.

Loose Powder - I shake it so some sifts up in the jar, then use a large powder brush swirled in the powder and then brushed lightly all over face.

Brightener - Benefit Sugar Bomb is good. Apply sparingly in a 3 shape to sides of face. Takes the place of bronzer.

Hope this helps!

Yarp Sun 12-Jul-15 20:23:32

Thankyou so much OhMittens

I use Revitalift moisturiser, as I do burn really easily

Do you mind if I ask about blusher?

Up tip now I've avoided it, as I am the sort to get quite red in the face and don't want more colour really, but I am I missing something (my memories of the old '80s contouring are too fresh)

Yarp Sun 12-Jul-15 20:24:49

Funny you mention Benefit. It's one of the few brands that doesn't intimidate me. Ive got a great eyeshadow palette from them

OhMittens Sun 12-Jul-15 20:47:40

Blusher depends on the overall look. I generally use blusher if I'm going for a younger, fresher look. Fairer people generally suit apricot shades, brunettes suit rosier shades (as a general direction, not a rule). I use very sparingly and only apply to the middle of my cheeks where the fattest part is, quite central really. Nobody blushes along the length of a cheekbone!!!

Cream blushers are longer lasting but harder to apply evenly than powders. If you prefer powders though, I happen to like Bourjois blushers as there are a wide variety of shades and the quality is good. I have had high end blushers and found them no longer lasting than Bourjois. For cream blusher, surprisingly, Maybelline dream mousse blusher applies and lasts well as it's quite chalky but you have to be so so so sparing.

Even though you mention you go red in the face, with correctly applied foundation that will be covered up.

IJustLostTheGame Mon 13-Jul-15 09:14:34

This is a good thread. I'm rubbish at make up.
Don't bother with collagen moisteriser though. Collagen molecules are too big to pass through the epidermis. They just sit on top of your skin potentially blocking pores. My auntie told me that. She's in biochemistry.

OhMittens Mon 13-Jul-15 14:02:14

Ijustlost Your auntie is right! However, collagen moisturisers are still good at moisturising. It's all a matter of what suits your skin I think. For example rose hip oil breaks me out in spots but others swear by it. Same for No7 serum - the first three weeks I thought my skin looked fab and then I got spots, blocked pores and more spots. I can't use it at all. It just didn't suit my skin. Shame though because it initially did look good.

Yarp Mon 13-Jul-15 16:31:15

THe best moisturiser I ever used was a cream for men to rub on their nethers to stop chafing when cycling. It is called Udderly Smooth and was originally designed for cows' udders! i don't use it at the moment because it has no sun protection, but it is really moisturising but absorbs easily with no shine.

OhMittens Mon 13-Jul-15 17:12:25

Yarp - I won't ask exactly how a cream for men's nethers ended up on your face!! grin

Yarp Mon 13-Jul-15 17:33:59

grin i just slipped!

Nah, i ran out of my cream and there was a spare pot (DH cycled LandsEnd - John O'Groats a few years bak so chafing is a major concern)

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