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Anyone else get so tired of dry skin that constantly needs moisturising?

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Oldisthenewblack Sun 12-Jul-15 14:39:04

I have very dry skin. Eczema, but lucky enough for it not to flare up, it's just the extremely parched skin. I get so heartily sick of moisturising like mad, constantly, only for it to make practically no difference whatsoever. My hands are like sandpaper. I use the strongest hand creams available and nothing changes. My skin is not flaky dry, just parched on a very deep level. It's maddening. It's soooo labour intensive

Sometimes I just want to have a shower and then go to bed, but I can't because I have to spend an age creaming up afterwards, or everything will crack and dry and be extremely uncomfortable

Does anyone else have this problem and do you get so bored with having to attend to your skin all the time?

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