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Wedding guest dress help!

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lilmisslibrarian Sun 12-Jul-15 08:16:44

I'm asking here as I've seen some the great advice and suggestions you've given others and hoping you will do the same for me!
Im attending an all day wedding in August down in England and am at a loss for what to wear!
I've just had a baby so still have a bit of a belly and not sure how much of that will be gone by then. It's really knocked my confidence on what to wear.
I'm in between a size 12-14 at the moment and would like something that didn't cling to my tummy. I love floral designs but am pretty much open to anything aside from high nevklines( I'm thinking it's going to be really hot at this wedding!)
In addition I can't spend too much as the travel and cost of staying is going to take a huge chunk out of my budget.
Any suggestions would be very welcome!

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