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Gel nails at home

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HeiressesGiltnor Sat 11-Jul-15 20:33:44

It's my birthday this month and people keep asking me what I want.

I like getting my nails done at our local salon, I see it as a bit of a treat and love how they look. I go for neutral colours mostly so it just makes me feel more 'done'. With a baby to care for I find normal polish just chips!

Home gel kits seem fairly reasonably priced. Are they worth the effort? Are the results good?

If not, any other wonderous ideas ir beauty contraptions I might want??

I'm terrible about birthdays, I never think about myself confused (other than clothes and shoes...)

SmileAndNod Sun 12-Jul-15 08:07:45

I have the kit from boots, bought on offer a year or so ago. Shellac / gelish used to last about two days max when I had it done at the salon - was v expensive and disappointing.

I did my own last Saturday in a bright pink and it's still going strong. Hands always in water and doing stuff (three kids). I'm not the neatest at polish but even I can manage to get good results with this set. And I don't feel awful if it does chip after a few days as I've not forked out £30+ and I can easily repair at home when I have five minutes.

Works for me!

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