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To cut hair or not?!!!

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NinjaBriefs Sat 11-Jul-15 18:20:02

Ok so my hair is currently longish, about armpit length!

I've been trying to grow it long long for ages now, but it grows at such a slow rate, either my age (early 40's) or the meds in on has really slowed the growth rate down.

I have a round face with full cheeks & a short undefined neck. I can not go short - I'd look hideous.

I've been thinking for about a week now of chopping a few inches off my hair - I've done it before quite successfully (it's all one length more or less). So it would be like a long bob. My only reservation is that when I see someone with long long hair I get envious & kick myself! Esp my SIL, she has long long hair!!!

My hair isn't in perfect condition, I colour it every 6 weeks so the ends have seen better days. I was thinking of trying ombre when it's cut as couldn't do it on these ends they are too dry!

What do we think? To cut or keep trying to let it grow?!!!

I like this length if I go for the sissors!!

cashewnutty Sat 11-Jul-15 18:21:04

We need pics first.

NinjaBriefs Sat 11-Jul-15 19:30:03

Ha ha I suspected that may be the case, but I just can't do pic's, there are no nice ones of myself!!! Trying to think of someone anyone has said I may have a resemblance to if it helps....many many years ago Roseanne Barr... ��

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