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What do I need to wear to a Graduation?

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DD1 graduates as a doctor next friday (yay!) DD2 as a nurse shortly after.
I'm a jean, t shirt woman. I don't own a dress as my work place is practical.. (I teach in a special school.. we wear clothes we can dash to catch a kind in!)
I am NOT a dressy girl... trousers all the way. But I suspect I should look smart.

I am not smart. I am slim, tall, and scared of dresses! What would be appropriate?!

LogonMounstuart Sat 11-Jul-15 02:42:15

People do tend to dress up a bit. So a little smart is usually the order of the day. Dresses not essential though smart trousers fine too!

LindyHemming Sat 11-Jul-15 07:53:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DorisLessingsCat Sat 11-Jul-15 07:56:20

Smart trousers would be fine smile

Think about what would look nice in photos beside your gowned offspring.

Congratulations to them both.

merlehaggard Sat 11-Jul-15 07:59:26

My daughter graduated yesterday! I never wear dresses either. I wore navy blue Capri trousers and a pink and navy blouse. People were wearing smart clothes but not over the top.

dreamingofsun Sat 11-Jul-15 15:51:47

my son graduated last year and i was surprised at the vast array of styles - some mothers looked as if they had come directly from a nightclub, others walking the dog or a wedding. A real mix. the lady next to me looked as if she was wearing black jeans - though she was definately one of the more casual dressers.

So smartish trousers, nice top and not too casual shoes/sandals would do fine.

sonata1 Sat 11-Jul-15 17:47:51

Wear what you would be happy to be seen in for the proud Mum photo

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