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Please tell me about waxing down there ....

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thecatsm0ther Fri 10-Jul-15 10:19:45

I've decided to go for it and get waxed in my nether regions for the first time. I've made an appointment for next Thursday, but couldn't chat much about it as had my daughter with me.

So what are the different options? Do I need to prepare (apart from showering well obviously)? How long does it take to settle down afterwards? (I've got a hot date Friday and Saturday grin )

Any other advice very welcome! Thanks.

Lottapianos Fri 10-Jul-15 13:03:37

Ok, you can have a side bikini wax (sides only) or an extended bikini or G-string wax (sides and some off the top), a Brazilian wax (all off, including undercarriage, with just a small strip of hair left at the front) or Hollywood (absolutely everything off, front, back , underneath - the lot). For the first two options you can keep knickers on, for the other two its knickers off. The beauty therapist will have seen absolutely everything before so don't worry about it. A good shower and nothing else to prepare really.

You should be ok in 24 hours but if your skin is particularly sensitive, it may take a bit longer. Good luck!

fuckingfuckfuck Fri 10-Jul-15 13:09:15

Get it done on Wednesday! Or before.

thecatsm0ther Fri 10-Jul-15 14:07:14

thanks smile

I'll bear all that in mind. I've changed the appointment to monday afternoon and have said I'll start with a bikini wax, maybe going as far as a brazilian depending how brave I feel.

(I have a pile/skin tag on my bum, so not sure how I feel about waxing there, would that be a problem?)

fuckingfuckfuck Fri 10-Jul-15 14:27:24

I doubt it - they know what they're doing

I'd go for something inbetween a normal bikini and Brazilian.

Take a painkiller before you go.

Artistic Fri 10-Jul-15 14:38:31

Be prepared for extreme sensitivity afterwards (especially first time!). I also found the pain quite horrendous! I think that varies depending on an whether the individual's nerve endings are concentrated in a small area. The pain never reduced so after 2 attempts I've given up & gone back to trimming only.

Onamissionfor2015 Fri 10-Jul-15 14:41:38

How do they do the underneathy bits? Is it like a smear test position?

I'd love to get it done (so fed up of shaving) but it just seems so intimate blush they would have to actually pull your bum cheeks apart would they not?

Lottapianos Fri 10-Jul-15 14:47:13

Different beauty therapists do it differently. Some have you lie on your back with legs bent and open ('like a frog' as one therapist described it!), some have you hold one leg at a time in the air, some have you get on all fours. It's not the most dignified experience smile

pinkfrocks Fri 10-Jul-15 14:47:15

Oh god- just why would you? I really don't get this. Especially for a 'hot date'. men don't care !!! As long as you are clean and naked they are in 7th heaven.

Notso Fri 10-Jul-15 14:59:17

I've only had it done once and it ripped off loads of skin. I couldn't wear knickers for a week.

Artistic Fri 10-Jul-15 15:41:05

All sorts of positions & all sorts of pulling bits apart. Be prepared. confused

WipsGlitter Fri 10-Jul-15 15:47:26

I went to someone who could do a good job without you having to take your knickers off.

FrankietheSquealer Fri 10-Jul-15 16:02:57


try the search option
THOUSANDS of threads on this

HappenstanceMarmite Fri 10-Jul-15 22:40:02

try the search option THOUSANDS of threads on this

Oh FFS so what? If she'd added to an existing thread, some other loser would have whinged about a zombie thread. Plenty of people answered which proves it was worth posting get a bloody life

VixxFace Fri 10-Jul-15 22:55:37

I wax myself now. I used to go to the salon but £25 and the embarrassment is not worth it.

I but the veet oriental and some talc and do myself in front of the TV. I take a few tablets and have a glass full of rum. The underneath is particularly bad but by the time your drunk it's pretty painless.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Fri 10-Jul-15 23:02:15

What is the rest of your skin like when you get waxed (if you do)? It's a good indication of what it will be like, just add extra sensitivity. Eg my legs get little red dots for a few days and a bit of irritation, my bikini line tends to get little red dots that are prone to infections and ingrown hairs.

Also all beauticians are not created equal. Some love waxing and are amazing at it, some are dreadful (I've had blood drawn during bikini waxes). Get recommendations!!

Oh, and go somewhere that uses old fashioned yellow warm wax. The hot wax and the new opaque greenish warm wax are rubbish for bikini line - far more irritating to skin.

Amethyst24 Fri 10-Jul-15 23:15:24

Trim, trim, trim. Pair of nail scissors and sit over the loo and cut off as much as you can. It's a zillion times more painful when the hair is long and the humiliation of the waxing lady saying, "I'm just going to take a bit off first," then snipping away is unspeakable. It's sore, yes, but not unbearable.

MairzyDoats Fri 10-Jul-15 23:26:02

Sorry to hijack, but how long does it last before regrowth? And how long before you can get it waxed again?

Amethyst24 Fri 10-Jul-15 23:43:51

Regrowth not that long tbh. A week? Because there are hairs already growing that aren't long enough for them to get/haven't reached the surface of your skin yet. But regrowth is fine-ish and soft. In an ideal world I'd have it done every 3 weeks but that would be with unlimited time and money, which I don't have (and plus, it's not something you do for fun). I aim for every six weeks, by which time it's definitely long enough to need doing but not long enough to have to trim first. Currently I've left it ages - about four or five months, and I'm not looking forward to my next wax confused

thecatsm0ther Sat 11-Jul-15 01:04:22

I have my eye brows waxed there, they're great and very experienced. The wax they use for eyebrows is pink and hot/warm.

Apologies for starting a new thread, if it annoys people. I find on old threads I never get answers.

I've been shaving the area but not for a few weeks, I hope it's long enough for her to wax.

I'm doing it because I hate getting pubic hair in my mouth and I'm sure my bf does too blush

Sansarya Sat 11-Jul-15 01:36:17

Make sure you go to a therapist who uses hot wax rather than strip wax, and if it's your first time then just go for a bikini wax rather than a Brazilian or Holływood.

HappenstanceMarmite Sat 11-Jul-15 06:56:56

How do you get your own pubes in your mouth?!?! Double jointed cunning linguist?! smile

Aussiemum78 Sat 11-Jul-15 07:10:45

Laser laser laser. It's less painful, quicker and as an added bonus doesn't grow back after 6-8 treatments.

Waxing is barbaric, I don't know why people still do it now there's a better option.

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Sat 11-Jul-15 07:20:56

I really really recommend finding a beautician that offers "hot wax"/lycon rather than traditional wax with cloth strips. With normal wax/cloth strips, the wax/strip pulls at your skin as well as the hair. With hot wax/lycon, they put it on, it cools/hardens/contracts around the hair, and then they just pull the hardened wax off no cloth involved, it only pulls at the hair and is so so so much gentler on the skin. A million times less painful, and now I get it done regularly (4-6 weeks) it honestly hardly hurts at all.

I also have a small bum skin tag and its fine for a Brazilian, not even any comment at all.

Shower beforehand, my beautician always leaves some wet wipes on the bed when you get ready as well for a quick freshen up too.

pinkfrocks Sat 11-Jul-15 07:35:09

Before you go to all the bother and pain for your boyfriend, why not actually ask him what he prefers? Unless he's made it clear that he dislikes pubic hair- in which case I'd tell him to take a flying f..k because that is how women are - you ought to do it (if at all) for yourself.

Presumably you make him shave his pubes too if you hate getting them in your mouth? (it's quite possible to perform fellatio without eating pubes you know smile)

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