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Returning to work clothes

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Mouseymum Fri 10-Jul-15 09:53:29

Hi all,

Any recommendations please for shops that sell economical yet stylish workwear (am in late 20s) for the 'fuller figured' woman? Going back after mat leave and career break and want to look smart and stylish - pre-baby, my work clothes tended to be on the frumpy side!


travailtotravel Fri 10-Jul-15 10:47:28

Let's not be coy. What size? This may alter the list of shop options. In the spirit of sharing, I'm a 20 (but was a 24 in March #gome)

Mouseymum Fri 10-Jul-15 12:03:45

Excellent work smile
I'll go with a 16 top, 18 bottom atm.

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 10-Jul-15 12:18:09

Next are ok (although you have to pick and choose a bit).
Asos can be ok.
I'm a fan of la redoute too

travailtotravel Fri 10-Jul-15 19:25:23

Ooh you can take your pick at your skinny Minnie size smile but still look at places like Marks and Next for some basics. Dotty P, too. Some excellent sale stuff from Elvi 16+ online only. I get my trews from there and some dresses.

Oly4 Sat 11-Jul-15 11:28:17

Banana Republuc does brilliant workwear. They have a sale on atm

Mouseymum Sat 11-Jul-15 22:58:40

Thanks all smile

CointreauVersial Sat 11-Jul-15 23:15:22

M&S Autograph is another place for smart workwear which won't break the bank.

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