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Mango at Westfield Stratford?

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Childintime Fri 10-Jul-15 07:41:34

Am heading to westfield SC today but cannot establish for definite whether there is one there ! Westfield store list doesn't list it but if you google mango westfield SC they say they have a branch . I'm taking a heavy bag of returns so don't want to carry around all day if there is not a branch there ifykwim.

Florabeebaby Fri 10-Jul-15 08:09:45

Yes, there is a Mango there, 1st floor if I remember right smile

Childintime Fri 10-Jul-15 08:16:25

Thank you !

monkeysmama Fri 10-Jul-15 08:29:14

It must be new. There wasn't one a few weeks ago.

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