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Highlighting too high maintenance - what should I do?

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RaisinGirls Thu 09-Jul-15 11:06:15

Now I am mum of a 1 year old, and work for myself p/t, I am finding that getting highlights is a) taking too long - I have v. thick hair which is shoulder length and b) too expensive to get done as frequently as I need to for it to look good.

I thought I could get an all over colour done, as this would reduce the time in the hairdressers but my hairdresser said the regrowth would be even more obvious so I would need touch ups more frequently.

My natural hair colour is (I think!) dark blonde / light brown.

Any ideas on what I can do?

MrsHooolie Thu 09-Jul-15 13:53:18

Would you be willing to go darker?If so you could do that at home by yourself,although perhaps go to the hairdresser the first time.
I have found a mobile hairdresser and he is so cheap compared to the salon so I can afford the upkeep (and time).

Lndnmummy Thu 09-Jul-15 15:58:11

I had this too and have gone darker with a combination of low lites. I am not dark still blonde but darker shades. More Kyle Minouge than roxy mitchell if that makes sense. It saves me a fortune

RaisinGirls Thu 09-Jul-15 17:00:42

Yes, I think maybe I need to go darker. It does seem the only practical solution. And a dark honey blonde / caramel colour would probably look ok on me.

VeganCow Thu 09-Jul-15 19:21:46

I always reccommend this but the Superdrug own make here is lovely. it wouldnt be too dark cos you are the same colour as me.
Its a semi so you can see what you think before going permanent or you can carry on like I do just using the semi every few weeks. I leave it on roots for 20 mins, shower off and its done, takes me half an hour in all.

DJThreeDog Thu 09-Jul-15 19:24:15

Just have your natural colour? Is there a reason why you don't?

My hair is natural with a bit of balayage going on. I did it myself with the L'Oreal kit. I love it and so does my hairdresser! It's easy to do and then you don't have anything to touch up unless you really want to.

RaisinGirls Fri 10-Jul-15 10:55:01

DJ it would take years to grow my natural colour back in, and in the meantime I would have a god awful hair colour with half being untouched and the rest being highlighted! Even worse than the roots I have now because I cant get to the hairdresser frequently.

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