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Wonderful bra ladies, could I borrow you, please....

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PeekABooPinky101 Thu 09-Jul-15 07:57:06

My 38dd bra has just given up the ghost, I have been putting off buying a new one as I know I needed resizing - post baby weight not shifting, was still breastfeeding and the excuses list continues.

Anyway, I now have to buy new. So I have just measured.
36.5cm under bust and 45 hanging blush what size lovely ladies am I looking to purchase?

Thank you in advance thanks

treaclesoda Thu 09-Jul-15 07:58:12

Try a 36G. And sizes around that size. smile

PeekABooPinky101 Thu 09-Jul-15 08:25:32

Thank you treacle - much appreciated. I shall make it today's task

MarchesMum Thu 09-Jul-15 09:25:52

I was going to post about bra sizing too so please can you help me too. Thank you

I'm 40inches under the boobs and 52.5 inches hanging.

Many thanks in advance xxx

flightywoman Thu 09-Jul-15 09:45:25

Something like a 40J for you MarchesMum

magicpuppy Thu 09-Jul-15 09:51:59

Can I hijack to ask about the hanging measurement? Does it make a difference to sizing if you have soft, empty boobs?
Mine are in a bad state following extended breastfeeding/weight gain and loss and who knows what else.

When I do the hanging measurement it is 53 inches. 38 under. I have been struggling to find a bra that's comfortable but so far a 38 FF has been the best fit. By adding the hanging measurement I would be looking a K or bigger and I just don't think I have the volume to need that.

MarchesMum Thu 09-Jul-15 09:57:10

Thank you.

Where would stock a 40J ?

Thanks in advance xx

treaclesoda Thu 09-Jul-15 10:01:43

Marches I'm not sure about high street shops but there are a few places online that will stock them.

Let me check...

treaclesoda Thu 09-Jul-15 11:10:53

The following online shops sell 40J bras


Simply Be

With Simply Be there are some cheaper ones that are, I think, own brand bras. I have no idea what they are like for fit and quality though. Sometimes you really do just need to bite the bullet and pay more for a decent bra - one well fitting one is better than ten uncomfortable ones.

The other thing I'd mention is that Panache do some great, supportive bras in larger sizes, but not everyone can wear them. I can't! They are great bras for the right person but for a lot of people the wires come up too high at the sides. I only mention it because if you tried some Panache and find them uncomfortable it is tempting to think that they are the wrong size or whatever.

Happy shopping. smile

treaclesoda Thu 09-Jul-15 11:12:20

Magic I'm not too sure about that aspect, but hopefully StatisticallyChallenged will be along at some stage, she can definitely sort you out. smile

SorrelForbes Thu 09-Jul-15 12:50:37

magicpuppy Sometimes people do need a smaller cup than their measurements would indicate. How does your 38FF fit?

MarchesMum Thu 09-Jul-15 13:08:39

Thank you ever so much xxx

treaclesoda Thu 09-Jul-15 13:29:45

I should have mentioned SorrelForbes too, but I wasn't sure if I had see you post lately. Glad to see I was mistake smile

florascotia Thu 09-Jul-15 15:33:46

Ample Bosom also sell a wide range of larger sizes online

SorrelForbes Fri 10-Jul-15 15:35:10

I haven't been around much lately but couldn't resist!

PeekABooPinky101 Sat 11-Jul-15 18:54:09

New bras purchased and feeling good. Thank you!

Tia4 Sat 11-Jul-15 19:21:48

I've never hijacked a thread before but I didn't realise we had real experts on bra sizing!!! I have measured myself following instructions and I get 36" under bust and 44" around fullest part when bending forwards. Can you advise please?

Tia4 Sat 11-Jul-15 19:22:40

I apologise for the hijack btw!

PeekABooPinky101 Sat 11-Jul-15 20:19:06

Hijack away! Hope you find it as helpful as me!

Behooven Sat 11-Jul-15 20:21:35

Haven't seen statistically challenged for ages

treaclesoda Sat 11-Jul-15 22:11:11

Tia try 36FF as a starting point, and maybe some others around that size for comparison smile

Tia4 Sun 12-Jul-15 08:04:06

Please? Anyone? I'm desperate as tomorrow's my last chance shopping day...

Tia4 Sun 12-Jul-15 08:07:34

Treaclesoda thanks so much - your post didn't show until the page refreshed, sorry! That's a great help to me ! I'm excited now but hardly dare admit I've been wearing a 40B! No wonder I look like a sack of potatoes :-( Thanks again

Tia4 Sun 12-Jul-15 08:09:01

PeekABooPinky, thank you too :-)

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Sun 12-Jul-15 08:12:57

This link is well worth a thorough read for anyone not familiar with the bra guru methods!

Happy bra revelations, everyone.

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