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VPL problem!

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Couldashouldawoulda Wed 08-Jul-15 13:28:24

I've just had a c section and am mostly wearing jeggings and high waisted knickers at the moment, to keep pressure off my incision. The trouble is, the knickers are giving me terrible VPL under the jeggings! I've tried the 'no VPL' pants, but they were even worse. Boy shorts don't cover my slightly saggy bum enough, but I think I need some sort of high waisted shorts. Bigger than boy shorts, but not as huge as waist to knee control shorts. Any thoughts, ladies?!

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 08-Jul-15 21:16:54

Stop caring! You've just had a c section aand are dressed, that's an achievement on its own. Plus people knowing you wear underwear is better than them thinking yup don't...

Couldashouldawoulda Thu 09-Jul-15 07:52:10

Lol - well the cs was over a month ago, it's about time I got back to normal!

fiorentina Thu 09-Jul-15 10:37:23

Long tops for a few weeks? Or could you wear dresses to avoid this issue, maybe cooler in this heat too?

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