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loose fit t-shirt, plain colours, v neck, swing style

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sacbina Wed 08-Jul-15 11:35:59

where are they? ?

GobblersKnob Wed 08-Jul-15 12:16:12

Just place marking in case anyone knows wink

alongcamespiders Wed 08-Jul-15 12:35:57

And me.

gingeroots Wed 08-Jul-15 17:40:42

gingeroots Wed 08-Jul-15 19:21:46

sorry ,got a bit carried away there ,not sure any of them are that relevant !

sacbina Wed 08-Jul-15 21:06:12

Thank you smile
couple of possibilities, but not sure I can justify spending £30 on a t-shirt! !

gingeroots Thu 09-Jul-15 11:02:35

No nor me smile .Although sometimes I think I'd be better off coughing up in the first place as opposed to buying cheaper /not quite right options . Which is what I do !

How about these ? The last even has a V neck . *

sacbina Thu 09-Jul-15 19:16:10

ooh, thanks smile
had another look in proper shops today, nothing, nowt....

sacbina Wed 15-Jul-15 21:26:15

last ditch attempt
pretty please smile

Ihatemytoes Wed 15-Jul-15 22:42:55

These arrived today, but they might not be swingy enough for you

sacbina Wed 15-Jul-15 23:08:47

possibly not, but thank you anyway.
perhaps I should set up my own shop, think there might be a market for them!

ALittleLemonTwist Wed 15-Jul-15 23:29:10

Sleevless one any good? I have this and it's great here

butterfly133 Wed 15-Jul-15 23:32:37

How swingy? (Sounds rude)


sacbina Thu 16-Jul-15 07:34:08

that next one looks really good, hadn't seen them. Now if I could just find some with sleeves and a v neck I'll be sorted

how swingy? not excessively, just so that it doesn't show every lump and bump and covers my bump a bit!

cashewnutty Thu 16-Jul-15 08:43:53

What about looking at Cos? I have couple of swing type t shirts from there bought recently.

Thelovecats Thu 16-Jul-15 13:30:58

Matalan cheap and cheerful here

gingeroots Thu 16-Jul-15 17:52:19

It's really hard isn't it OP ?

Oversized or floppy loose fit not the thing - look great on someone skinny .

Gap in the market I think .

I've got a couple with s;lightly elasticated bottom which gives a blouson effect to cover my fat torso .

sacbina Thu 16-Jul-15 22:28:25

those matalan one look real possibilities. They weren't in store a few weeks ago! I'm off will report back

swooosh Fri 17-Jul-15 10:16:34

Primark!! V neck, really soft material, loose fitting. I absolutely love them and have them in all colours! They wash really well too. They are on hangers, not the folded up pile and say 'my V-neck tee' inside.

It's the same as this one

sacbina Fri 17-Jul-15 22:58:20

ah those primark ones are good contenders, shame I've been avoiding primark as I can't stand wading through miles of stuff to find what I want. which clearly is why I can never find anything!

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sat 18-Jul-15 00:07:58

cos, hush,, whitecompany (in the sale!), andotherstories

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