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Autumn going lighter

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LassieKillsChickens Wed 08-Jul-15 09:36:17

I'm an Autumn (CMB soft, deep and warm). I don't stick rigidly to this but these are the colours I love and am naturally drawn to. I have pale skin which is a little freckly and mid brown eyes.

I'm 46 and finding it tedious to maintain my mid brown hair colour. My hairdresser mentioned perhaps going lighter.

What would this do to my wardrobe/colours I like? I understand everyone can wear all colours, just need different tones.

Also who has done this in the public eye? I saw a photo of Julia Roberts in the press. She seems to be doing it?


LassieKillsChickens Thu 09-Jul-15 14:59:26

Bump... anyone?

vitaminC Fri 10-Jul-15 08:40:46

I'm an autumn but as I've aged (I'm 42) instead of Going grey my hair has grown increasingly light and is now an auburny dark blond. My eyes are an orangey hazel and have very warm tan skin.
All the overlapping spring/autumn colours suit me. I can't really wear brown now as it make me look really tired.
My best neutrals are navy, cream, beige and tan. Black also works with
my tanned complexion.

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