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Outfit for a very fancy restaurant

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KanyesVest Tue 07-Jul-15 20:17:55

Dh just told me we're going to a Michelin star restaurant on Saturday night! I'm very excited but no idea what to wear (he knows me well enough to give me a couple of days of wardrobe prep wink ). Any ideas? It's a fairly old school/French style restaurant, city centre, not particularly hip or funky.

Loafline Tue 07-Jul-15 20:32:08

Dress and heels? And something warm just incase they have over enthusiastic air conditioning <bitter experience>. If it were me I'd still be airing on the casual, something like a t shirt with full midi skirt and heels as we always want to slide into a pub and not look over dressed. Is it London? If so remember it'll be hot and sticky.
Hope you enjoy - is it La Gav?

KanyesVest Tue 07-Jul-15 20:56:58

Good idea about the wrap, I'll have a dig through what I have here. I'm a bit fed up of my dresses but it's probably the right vibe. We're having a 9 course tasting menu, so not sure if well have room for drinks afterwards!

Not London, or even UK! Weather is a bit mixed here but I don't think I'll have to worry about sweltering.

KanyesVest Tue 07-Jul-15 22:10:56

Have rediscovered a blush pink pleated chiffon midi skirt. I have a darker pink very fine wrap card I, but it could look a little ballerina try hard. I also have a pale turquoise linen(esque) t-shirt...

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