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Bridesmaid dress - help

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Peshwari Tue 07-Jul-15 19:29:45

I'm going to be sole bridesmaid at a friend's wedding in September and I've been tasked with finding my own dress! (friend is paying and will have veto power grin)

Terms aren't very restrictive, not stupidly expensive (up to £150 but pref around £100), no pastels and that's about it. But I don't even know where to start.

I'm 5'3", slim but 30f. Where to look?

sonata1 Tue 07-Jul-15 21:24:36

Hi Peshwari. Have sent you a PM. Look in your inbox.

IWantToBeCalledAnneOfAvonleaBu Tue 07-Jul-15 21:26:58

Have you got any bridal shops near you to have a look around? I would imagine (not having done it myself) bridesmaid dresses are the kind of thing best bought in the flesh as it were.

Enchufla Tue 07-Jul-15 21:30:22

Try tk maxx. We got some lovely long dresses in there very cheaply. Its actually going to cost more to get the dresses altered than it did to buy them in the first place and they are nicer than anything we found in proper bridesmaid dress shops

Husbanddoestheironing Tue 07-Jul-15 21:31:52

Monsoon often have some nice dresses for bridesmaids etc.

ScarlettDarling Tue 07-Jul-15 22:16:26

There was a thread on here the other day about gorgeous tulle skirts. What about something like that with a plain top?

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