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Anyone had dental work outside UK?

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Sazzle41 Mon 06-Jul-15 13:22:27

I have a seriously wonky tooth and got told as its pushing the front teeth out of wack its either a brace for two years then retainer at night for ever after (�3K) or remove & put fake tooth in �1,850) & front teeth will prob move back on their own (90% certain when i asked) without the pushing effect of old tooth. They wouldnt do one veneer and i cant afford 6 which is their 'package' for veneers.

Fake tooth in Budapest is �480. (plus flights). Has anyone done this - SO tempted but worried about horror stories you see re treatment abroad. I did once work with someone who had done her & DP's teeth there but i am still a bit ummm/aaahh

BringMeTea Mon 06-Jul-15 14:21:59

I know brilliant dentists in Thailand but that might be too far unless you make a holiday of it! i had 7 fillings replaced with white fillings. About £20 a filling. Still going strong 8 years on.

Sazzle41 Mon 06-Jul-15 14:25:18

Ooh BringMeTea tell me more! That sounds amazing! Where/who - do they have a website?

rehomedcitygirl Mon 06-Jul-15 14:28:25

Hi there - my husband was a dentist in HCMC Vietnam and loads of Australians would fly there for treatment (due to it being so expensive) and incorporate it with a holiday! Again, might be a bit far away, but just wanted to say is not always a bad idea. He told me that the equipment was more modern than that in the UK...and there was a swimming pool outside the surgery!! Bliss!

Iflyaway Mon 06-Jul-15 14:28:40

A friend of mine had dental work in Thailand. I see some Bangkok Dental clinic come up in his facebook feed, so you could google that....

ZaraW Mon 06-Jul-15 14:55:41

I've had friends get really good dental work at Bumugrad hospital in Bangkok. I've had emergency dental treatment there and they were excellent.

rehomedcitygirl Mon 06-Jul-15 15:41:09

Maybe google the clinic to check where the dentists qualified?

Penfold007 Mon 06-Jul-15 16:03:02

My dad had extensive dental work done in Poland is is very pleased.

DH had emergency dental work done in Northern Cyprus. Very please with the treatment and price, his UK dentist says the work is excellent. The dentist was a graduate of Kings College Hospital.

Do your research.

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