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What can I do with dds hair?!

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BeansInBoots Mon 06-Jul-15 07:16:15

The long and short of it is she has a mullet..

When she gets out of the bath i can either brush it into a side parting, or kinda scrunch the back into pretty curls.. Regardless of what I do this is the result in the morning..

I have no idea what to do from here so just brush it and tie it up. And it gradually falls out throughout the day ending in her looking like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards..

We had it cut once and she looked awful, it was too harsh and straight around her face. I have dead straight hair this mess has come from dp so have no idea what to do.

Dd is 2.5, help!

PinPon Mon 06-Jul-15 07:30:19

Have you tried a little detangling spray and a quick brush in the morning? Curly hair often feels like you have to get to know it to figure out what works best.

BeansInBoots Mon 06-Jul-15 08:56:16

Il try de tangling spray, it's just so wild!

slippermaiden Mon 06-Jul-15 09:11:43

Be patient, it will grow! Try putting a side parting and a little clip, or a bobble to make a little pig tail at the front/side. Lots of toddlers have a mullet, it'll soon grow out.

justshagginggalong Mon 06-Jul-15 09:14:44

Try some detangling spray or a serum, look for creams made especially for curly hair i think tresemme make one and comb it through. I would try plaiting it or tying it up for her at night to also try and minimise the tangles.

AuditAngel Mon 06-Jul-15 11:23:20

My DD1 has similar looking hair, was curly when young, but getting less so now. I use a detangling spray and can then scrunch some curls between washes. I also use a curl definer such as the Aussie one (can't remember the name)

elderflowergin Mon 06-Jul-15 12:36:53

I found de tangling spray was sticky and made the knots worse the next day, I found putting a bit of conditioner in a spray bottle with some water much better for my dd's

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Mon 06-Jul-15 12:45:11

detangling spray or even just water in a spray bottle, then bunches. my dd had very similar hair at the age and I used to wet it and then comb and put up in bunches until it was long enough for a pony tail.

dairyfarmerswife Mon 06-Jul-15 13:51:54

My DD has very thick wavy hair and I find the best way to tame it is part down the middle and French plait each side. The French plait keeps strays in much better than a pony tail and hair doesn't have to be as long. I also read a tip about argan oil and tried that this morning. Definitely easier to brush but leaves a greasy feeling, not sure what it will be like later. The plaits often stay in for two days, albeit a bit scruffy second day.

BeansInBoots Tue 07-Jul-15 07:21:31

Okay, going to try water, then conditioner and water before de tangling spray, she doesn't have a bath every night!

The big question is, do I cut it 'to thicken it up' (mil) or leave it to grow, which is my preferred option..

I'm worried if we cut it we will have to do this stage all over again??

NormHonal Tue 07-Jul-15 07:32:26

My DD had hair like this and the hairdresser advised the cut option. She kept it very short at the back, where the worst of the birds nest was due to sleeping on it, and then advised me when she thought we were past that stage and it was ok to grow it out.

I thought it looked cute when it was shorter...

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