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Any olde rladies who have suffered with hirsutism? What treatments have worked for you?

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chickflicklover Sun 05-Jul-15 18:10:43

My mum is in her mid-50s, and has been suffering from excess facial hair since her 40s. It affects her self-esteem quite badly. She has tried hair removal cream but said it felt like her face was burning when she used it. I have mentioned using a men's razor to her but she said that would just make it grow back even thicker. What else could she try? She has been through menopause already, could that have anything to do with it? I was talking to her about it before and said I would ask on Mumsnet for her.

sonata1 Sun 05-Jul-15 19:21:12

I am way older than your Mum and my DD persuaded me to have threading and I have never looked back. They do it cheaply in Liverpool in Superdrug and Primark. Not sure if they have the same in your local stores. I have lip and chin done. Other DD has that plus sides of face as well. The first time it is a bit of a shock and rather painful but after a few goes you know what to expect. She could always take a couple of Paracetomol an hour or two before hand.
Othe MN's use the Philips Lumea. My other hirsuite DD has bought the compact hand held one but it's a bit early yet to see results.

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