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Can anyone help me find jewelled/crystal heeled flip flops for my wedding?

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cashmerecardigans Sun 05-Jul-15 14:20:24

I seem to be looking for the impossible at the moment. I already have a pair of Louboutins to wear for my wedding, but am a bit worried they may kill my feet if I wear them for the whole day/evening. I really want some sort of pretty high heeled toe post sandals that I can use for the evening if I need them. I've seen some in Gina, but they are a bit over blingy for me. It looks like Jimmy Choo did some a few years back, but the style obviously isn't in fashion at the moment. I'm not too worried about price.
Can anyone help?
Thanks so much

pseudonymity Sun 05-Jul-15 19:34:10


cashmerecardigans Sun 05-Jul-15 21:06:43

Thanks for this. I'm really after something with a high heel, so I don't think these would do the job. Heels aren't a problem, I'm just looking for something glam that frees up my toes!

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