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Another dress help plea thread

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wellcoveredsparerib Sun 05-Jul-15 09:13:21

I really need a dress for a wedding next weekend. I now realise I was deluded about the one I had thought I would get away with wearing. I am too old and too fat and need a more forgiving dress. I have no idea how to dress my menopausal body. I used to have a waist but no longer, and am getting scarily close to having a matriarchal shelf. I am short and size 14. I also have a stomach that needs reining in. Please help as I have no idea where to start and am fast running out of time.

wellcoveredsparerib Sun 05-Jul-15 10:03:06

As I thought - nigh on impossible taskconfused

burnishedsilver Sun 05-Jul-15 10:11:31

I think this this is lovely. It's petite. The pattern should hide a multitude. The ruching could go either way - it might help create a waist or it could add bulk where you don't want it. You'd need to try it on. Is it in any way along the right lines?

You need Spanx to reign in the tummy. These will smooth everything out while still being comfortable.

What's a matriarchal shelf?

burnishedsilver Sun 05-Jul-15 10:13:44

By the way, that dress is out of stock in a 14 on the Coast website but HofF have it.

wellcoveredsparerib Sun 05-Jul-15 12:41:22

Thanks. I really like the pattern but worry that the neckline would make me look more top heavy ("matriarchal shelf"= large middle aged bustsmile)

Cocolepew Sun 05-Jul-15 12:53:37

I got this for a wedding in October. I wear a 16 in it. The pattern and the ruching helps disguise my stomach, its lined and is stretchy.

Floisme Sun 05-Jul-15 12:56:39

I was just coming on to suggest Phase 8 but Cocolepew beat me to it! They're not normally my thing but I think they have some lovely dresses at the moment with forgiving ruching and all kinds of necklines.

wellcoveredsparerib Sun 05-Jul-15 16:38:38

Right - I'm off to phase 8 after work tomorrow.

BarbieBrightSide Sun 05-Jul-15 17:08:12

I have this Coast dress from Debenhams in blue (I know it looks grey in the picture).

It looked awful on the hanger but is surprisingly flattering on me. I too am short (5'2"), I'm a size 12 with a tummy that I prefer to hide. I liked that this covers the top of my arms and because of the overlay bit at the top it created a waist on me.

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