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High heeled Silver shoes needed- but comfortable?

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Eve Sat 04-Jul-15 09:21:45

Preferably with some sparkle.

However, I need them for a wedding in August abroad and it will be HOT!!!! And it will be an all day affair so I need something not going to shred my feet after an hour.

Any ideas?

I'd suggest shoes of prey sandals. You've just about got time....

woodhill Sat 04-Jul-15 14:08:28

I bought some on ebay for about £20, they were not leather I don't think but comfortable.

PurpleWithRed Sat 04-Jul-15 14:16:26

L K Bennett

I tried these on and they are surprisingly comfy, in the sale but only if you are size 38!

Bostin Sat 04-Jul-15 14:19:49

calamitySloeGin Sat 04-Jul-15 14:27:55

Have you considered dance shoes? They must be comfortable?!? ... loads if you Google 'silver dance shoes'

like this

RavioliOnToast Sat 04-Jul-15 14:47:15

I have these very comfy! grin

TealFanClub Sat 04-Jul-15 14:50:21

no to the stripper platform

AgentCooper Sat 04-Jul-15 15:04:33

I don't know if these are your cup of tea, but my friend recently got these to wear to a wedding. They look lovely on (she's wearing a short dress) and she says they're v comfy.

Lotta from Stockholm silver heeled clogs

specialsubject Sat 04-Jul-15 15:32:00

try some dance shoes.

if it makes you walk like a duck, (as all wearers of those ridiculous heels do) it ain't pretty unless you are a duck.

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