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Try and resist the laughter, I love this outfit, please help me recreate it!

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CakeNinja Sat 04-Jul-15 01:18:51

I know, it's a bloody tutu!
But i absolutely love it and it's an old Google image and it's not on sale anywhere that I know of, I'd be very grateful if you spared your laughter and could just point me in the right direction smile

FuckyNell Sat 04-Jul-15 01:24:09

What about this

TigerFeat Sat 04-Jul-15 01:24:29

this any good?

thornrose Sat 04-Jul-15 01:25:45

Just out of interest, where would you wear that?

TigerFeat Sat 04-Jul-15 01:29:31

The perfect school run outfit? grin

Sycamoretrees Sat 04-Jul-15 01:30:09

How about this one?

CakeNinja Sat 04-Jul-15 01:31:31

Both very good offering Thankyou! Especially thanks for not pissing yourselves laughing (at least, not on here!!).
Thornrose, I'm going to Goodwood in a few weeks and I started a thread on here as a desperate plea for help as I'm more gym wear or jeans and boots, not much Inbetween.
No one suggested a tutu but ive fancied one of these skirts for a while and i love the look and struggled to find similar.
Honest opinion? I asked a friend and she liked it but said she wasn't sure she'd have the balls to wear it (fellow jeans wearer) and Dp likes it too.
So it's a thumbs up from me, friend and Dp, but they may just be humouring me!!

CakeNinja Sat 04-Jul-15 01:34:35

Another good find sycamore!
Are you lot all just googling tulle skirts as all I found doing that was Etsy and I'm not sure how that all works. Is it like ebay?

Tiger but of course, that's the real reason grin you sussed me out!

Sycamoretrees Sat 04-Jul-15 01:39:19

Try Googling "Tulle skirts UK" or "Tulle Tutu skirts" a fair few options come up. But not sure how reputable any of the sites are though!

TigerFeat Sat 04-Jul-15 01:39:49

Not sure this helps you any, but here she is from the opposite direction. I googled "coffee tutu skirt"

CakeNinja Sat 04-Jul-15 01:47:28

I saw that one Tiger, it's the link from the Google image called 50 ways to wear tulle and features about 10 different skirts shot in 5 ways each! The article was from 2014 though so no luck tracking it down.

Thats true sycamore, never heard of any of the places that are being thrown up. I'd like to try a few on in a shop to see if it's a completely stupid look!

TigerFeat Sat 04-Jul-15 01:48:35

Coast Cordelia Sparkle Skirt

Likeaninjanow Sat 04-Jul-15 02:06:35

I have a skirt like this, but I bought it 20 years ago (am 41). I didn't wear it for years, but recently started wearing it again & have had lots of compliments. No idea where you'll get one now but, if you find one, there are plenty places to wear it...parties, out for dinner, cocktails on sat night... <helpful>

MonstrousRatbag Sat 04-Jul-15 03:07:25

Always worth trying the US department stores, like [ Bergdorf's]]. They have a good selection. Not cheap, plus shipping and taxes adds a lot.

olivaceous Sat 04-Jul-15 04:14:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

olivaceous Sat 04-Jul-15 04:16:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

olivaceous Sat 04-Jul-15 04:20:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

olivaceous Sat 04-Jul-15 04:21:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

olivaceous Sat 04-Jul-15 04:22:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 04-Jul-15 04:24:34

Is it the Goodwood revival you're going to?

brusselsproutwarning Sat 04-Jul-15 04:24:59

I love it. It looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would have worn, I am a secret fan.

brusselsproutwarning Sat 04-Jul-15 04:27:00

Have you asked a good dress maker? It may not be so expensive

Charitygirl1 Sat 04-Jul-15 07:09:54

They're using your pic!

CornwallsFinest Sat 04-Jul-15 07:17:34

That's my kind of thing! Pages on Pinterest dedicated to tulle skirts grin

Here for seller of skirt:

Once you've found an occasion to wear it, let me know! I've been itching to order the grey tulle skirt for months but have a rule that I don't buy unless I need.

PrincessOfChina Sat 04-Jul-15 07:23:05

Love it. I know Ted Baker have one as I had my eye on it for a wedding but bottled it.

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