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Curvy Kate bikini - sizing?

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OrangeMochaFrappucino Fri 03-Jul-15 20:11:40

Just wondered if anyone has any Curvy Kate stuff and can let me know what the sizing is like? I'm looking for swimwear and currently wearing a 36HH bra but have recently stopped breastfeeding so might decrease a bit! Pre-pregnancy I was a 34G. I'm quite taken with some high waist bikini briefs I saw on the website but wasn't sure how the sizes might come up. Anyone have any experience of this brand? Or recommendations of nice swimwear for big boobs? I'm a size 16 hourglass and whilst I'd love to drop about two stone, it's pretty unlikely I'll manage in the three weeks before my holiday even though I'm Jillian Michaels-ing like crazy so I'm hoping to find nice swimwear that is as flattering as poss - I saw a woman in a lovely underwired swimsuit at the pool today and was so mesmerised by her perfect cleavage that I didn't notice what the rest of her looked like so was hoping to replicate this effect myself!

Tanaqui Fri 03-Jul-15 20:16:12

I have one curvy kate bra that fits fab in my normal size, but ordered another and the cups were about 2 sizes too big! So I suggest ordering a few to try (I used bra stop, they have free returns). HTH.

I have a Curvy Kate tankini and the sizing is spot on, but I know their sizes can fluctuate as the bras do. If you want to try one though have a look on Amazon. Last year I signed up for the Amazon clothing 'newsletter' thingy and got a 20% discount on already cheaper bits and ended up with the tankini top, swimskirt bottoms and a bra (all Curvy Kate) for under £30. As a 38J I usually have to pay that just for a bra!!!!

Also look at the Bravissimo swimwear,haven't looked yet this year (but need a new one as losing weight), but they often do nice ones and see retro styled ones too. The prices can be a bit steep though

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